Wax Vaporizers Vs Dry Herb Vaporizers | Know the Difference

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Initially, vaporizers were invented exclusively for dry herbs only but as the time elapsed the devices were upgraded. Now, there are tons of different types of vaporizers on the market and it can pretty be confusing to choose at first especially for the beginners.

Therefore, we have put together all the important information regarding wax vaporizers and dry herb vaporizers to help you understand the difference.

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What Are the Major Differences?

Battery Power

The source of power decides how long your vaporizer can keep producing vapors. The battery mAh varies greatly between these two types as dry herbs require more power to extract vapors from the plant product. On the other hand, wax vaporizers can work fine on relatively lower battery power.

Wax Coils Vs Herb Chambers

Well, it is clear that both possess different heating units but to make it more vivid let us explain how they work.

Wax coils work on the same principle of a hairdryer. The electric current heats up the coils and which then warms up the wax.

Dry herbs vaporizers have two types of chambers. The convection one uses hot air to heat the herbs while the combustion chambers are similar to wax coils which heat the material through direct contact.

Conduction versus Convection

Vaping Temperature

Dry herb pens have flexible heat settings that generate vapors on different sweet spots. It means the strength of the hits and flavor varies greatly depending upon the temperature.
But the wax requires relatively higher temperature and it only works best at the maximum heat.

Combustion Vulnerability

Wax can withstand high temperatures and the chances of combustion are pretty low. While for dry herbs, the chances are high so you would need to be extra careful with them.

Availability of Temperature Control Settings

Temperature control is another feature that varies greatly between these two types. Dry herbs vaporizers usually have a good deal of control settings that allow you to manipulate the flavor and the density of clouds as per your taste.

While wax requires a precise temperature. The coils heat up to that maximum temperature using a single button. However, many manufacturers have also released wax vaporizers having a plethora of temperature settings but they are rare.

Chamber Loading Process

It wouldn’t be inaccurate if we consider dry herb vaporizers bothersome in this matter. You would need to grind the herbs first properly before inserting them into the chamber.

It means you would need to purchase an herb grinder as well to enjoy its full potential. Moreover, the herbs need to be perfectly pulverized otherwise, the taste will be compromised.

Also, the grinding process makes a huge mess if you have no experience handling it.

Compared to dry herbs, the wax is relatively easier to load. It can also be a pain if you do not have the right equipment to insert it because the substance is sticky and can be troublesome to clean.


Both are a pain to clean but wax is harder to handle. If it spills, you would need isopropyl alcohol to get it out of anything. If it spills over your clothes, forget about them.

Also, the wax coils need to be changed after a while depending upon the quality of the pen. That is why they require a lot more maintenance than dry herb vaporizers.

For dry herb vaporizers, you would have to not only clean the vape pen but also the grinder. It gets pretty tricky when the herb particles get stuck between the teeth. You would require a scrapper tool to extract the particles.

One more thing you need to worry about is the replacement of the screen — which blocks the tiny matter from getting into airflow paths.

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