7 Ways to Keep Marijuana Fresh for Longer

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Summary: Damp conditions, light, molds and extreme temperature can kill the quality of your weeds. Learn here how to keep it fresh and tasty for longer.

How Do You Store Marijuana?

Do you leave it open on the table? Do you keep the strains in the refrigerator? Or are they stored in a plastic pouch?

If your answers are all YES, you are killing the quality and taste of your weed strains with these wrong storage practices.

Inappropriate storage exposes the herb to its biggest enemies like light, air, and moisture.

Harmful UV rays affect the potency as they break down organic and synthetic materials contained by marijuana. As a result, the weed starts losing its stability.

They are also vulnerable to fungi and bacteria if they kept at a temperature above 70 degrees. Moisture reduces the shelf life of cannabis.

This is why you should be extremely careful while storing your weed. Right storage practices not only increase the shelf life but also retain the taste and texture.

Here are some easy ways to keep your marijuana fresh, safe and tasty for longer.

store your cannabis in glass jars

Store them in Mason Jars

Mason jars are a great storage option for your weed.

These tightly-lid glass jars are resistant to air and humidity and can handle the changes in temperature as well. Unlike plastic, they don’t leach any chemical compounds into weed strains that can alter their taste.

However, clear mason jars don’t prevent direct sunlight exposure, which can affect the potency of your buds. Sunlight heats up your jar, leading to its “sweating” from the inside, which can make your stash prone to mold.

Therefore, prefer the dark or opaque, tinted glass jars in that case.

Choose the Right Size of Jar

Using an over-sized jar for a small amount of cannabis is not a good idea.

This will let more oxygen in. Over time, oxygen slowly affects the potency of the buds, leading to cannabinoid degradation.

Therefore, make sure to choose the right jar according to the amount of the buds. Use smaller jars as the strains diminish.

One more thing—use separate containers if you have more than one strain type to store. This is because each strain has unique traits and taste. Using different storage jars is the best way to preserve their uniqueness.

Keep it in a Cool Dark Place

Using a mason jar to store weed isn’t enough.

As I have said earlier that clear glass lets the light come in, which can damage your cannabis. Therefore, it is important to store in a place that remains dark most of the time in the day. This place can be a cupboard or a drawer.

But how cool that place should be?

Ideally, it can be stored under 70 degrees. If the temperature is 70 degrees or more, it can make the dab prone to mold.

But that doesn’t mean you put weed in the fridge or freezer. The fridge is opened and closed several times a day, bringing changes to the temperature and can make your weed moldy.

Ever worse, freezing can make the bud brittle and break its THC rich trichomes as well.

Shop a Humidifier

Have you ever heard of a cannabis humidor?

It exactly works like the one made for your cigars. It keeps your weed at the ideal humidity.

Although they are a bit expensive, they are a one-time investment to retain the taste and quality of your herbs, especially if you keep a large supply.

You can also use your cigar humidor for the same purpose, but make sure to adjust the humidity levels to 50%.

Check out this guide from the Unclutterer on how to choose the best humidifier for your needs.

Don’t Use Plastic Bags or Pouches

Plastic bags or pouches not only kill the freshness of weed but also leach harmful chemicals like BPA into it.

Keep Marijuana Fresh

Being packed in a plastic pouch for a long time make weed odorous and prone to moisture, light, and air as well.

Plastic has a static charge that can attract trichomes from the buds and creates fine, sticky powdery substance that isn’t easy to remove.

Avoid these Storage Mistakes:

Even the best storage practices won’t protect your strain if you commit the MISTAKES like…

  • Leaving the jar open on tables or countertops where it can be easily exposed to light, humidity, and heat.
  • Storing the stash near electronics or other heat generating devices.
  • Adding fruit peels to flavor your strain. This will bring in unwanted moisture, mold, and mildew to your marijuana jar.
  • Storing weed in direct contact with other substances with a strong aroma like makeup, deodorant, paint, polish and shaving cream.
  • Over handling and touching pot too much can crumble the valuable trichomes.

store your cannabis in mason jars

Humidity Control Packs

While hot and dry climate aids the growth of marijuana, it can strip away the moisture of fresh buds, making them dried and tasteless.

If you live in an area with extreme dry climate, using humidity control packs are a savior for your buds. They bring in little humidity and keep your strains fresh.

In fact, it is great for your dried stash. Just store them in the pack for reviving their freshness.

Humidity control packs are effective and affordable. They are easily available at weed dispensaries and online shopping sites as well.

So this is how you can store marijuana to keep them fresh and retain their original taste for longer. After all, nothing is worse than the dried weed that tastes terrible just like burnt grass.

If you have any other tips on how to keep marijuana fresh longer, please let us know in the comments below!  

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