What Are Terpenes And How to Calculate Them?

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When you go into a marijuana dispensary to make a purchase, the chances are that you are only concerned with two things – the THC content and the strain name. And if you have a bit of experience in the stoner ways, you’ll probably also ask if you are getting a Sativa, Indica, or a hybrid.

There’s one more thing you need to add to that list.


What Are Terpenes?

The terpene profile of a plant tells you what can happen to your body when you get high. It is also what makes cannabis unique, giving it the characteristic smell that weed smokers love so much.

Terpenes are organic hydrocarbons that are highly aromatic in nature. The cannabis plant gets its distinct smell from terpenes due to their highly concentrated presence.

They are responsible for the scent in a lot of herbs and plants like rosemary and lavender. Isolated terpenes are used to make scents and flavors of several everyday use products such as perfumes and foods.

Terpenes are mainly found in unfertilized female flowers of cannabis. Essential oil is extracted from the cannabis plants using the process of distillation. Manufactured in the secretory cells of glandular trichomes in the cannabis plant, terpenes’ production is aided by the presence of light.

You may also come across the term terpenoids being used in place of terpenes. However, they are not the same. Terpenes are compounds, while terpenoids are the oxidized version of these, produced when a plant is dried and cured during the production of cannabis.

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Terpenes Are Awesome for Everyone!

They also have several medical benefits to offer. Humans and plants both tend to benefit from terpenes. In plants, they act as insect repellants to keep them safe. They also attract pollinators to promote pollination in the flowers.

With humans, the intensity of their impact depends on the concentration in which they are used – and how someone uses them.

One of their most important use is as an antiplasmodial, which is similar to that of the antimalarial drug called chloroquine. Due to their aromatic nature, terpenes are often used in alternative therapies like aromatherapy.

In fact, terpenes are also believed to affect the high a person feels when using cannabis. This is called the entourage effect, according to which terpenes change or improve how certain cannabinoids – like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) – impact the body.

To sum it up, terpenes are highly influential to your high!

Terpenes in Cannabis

There are different types of terpenes found in cannabis. With different properties and concentrations of each class, they provide various functional benefits to humans.

Type of TerpeneFunctionFeatures
LimoneneWhen present in a high concentration in a strain, it enhances mood and attitude.It gives a strong citrusy smell and has very low toxicity.
It can be used as an anti-inflammatory, local antiseptic, and bronchodilator in medicines.It has a very distinct smell of fir and pine.
LinaloolIt helps to treat anxiety and psychosis as it reduces the anxiety produced by pure THC.It has lavender and floral undertones.
MyrceneIt works as an antibiotic, antimutagenic, and anti-inflammatory.Its smell is similar to that of cloves, which is musky, herbal, and earthy.
Beta-CaryophylleneIt can be mixed with citrus flavorings and spicy mixtures to be used in chewing gums.Its smell can be described as woody, spicy, or peppery.
HumulenIt is used to suppress appetite and helps in weight loss.
It is also believed to have the properties of being anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, and anti-bacterial.
It gives the hoppy smell in beer

Did you know that mangoes contain Myrcene, and eating one 30 minutes before you smoke cannabis can enhance your high? And chewing black pepper, which contains Beta-caryophyllene, can help you calm down when you’ve gotten too high.

So next time, you know what to do to get the right kind of high!

How to Calculate Terpenes

Putting the appropriate amount of terpene in your vape can enhance your vaping experience. It may not sound easy, but it is quite simple.

Just add around 0.2mm of terp to your pipe bowl or add 1-2 drops per gram of cannabis. Might not sound like much… but it’s enough. Trust us.

You can also grind the bud by adding a small amount to the grinder and then smoke or vape it.

Of course, this is the method that we think is the appropriate one. There are many other ways you can prepare your vape by using different strains and using different amounts of terp as per your choice.

Terp Timers

Are you interested in making your vaping experience better? Most vape users are worried about burning the vape juice. Well, no need to worry now! To help you prepare the best vape, it can help to have a temperature sensor device to help you figure out the right temperature.

To get the right temperature, you should think about getting a Terp Timer By OCTAVE. A terp timer is a desktop sensor unit that helps you to heat the banger of your vape at your desired temperature.

You’ll never have to worry about burning your vape juice again because it will produce a beep as soon as your banger reaches the temperature you had selected.

And voila! Your vape is ready.

What are terpenes?

Key Takeaways

Terpenes are present in cannabis and hemp plants, but their concentration varies from one plant to another. In either case, you never know how much terpene is present in a product unless you send it for testing in a lab.

That’s why, make sure you go to a good budtender, someone who knows this stuff.

The amount of terpenes you want to use is a personal choice, but we suggest you go easy when starting because their aroma will catch you by surprise.

That’s it. Know your terpenes and have an excellent vaping experience!

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