What’s Sold at a Cannabis Dispensary?

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The world of cannabis products has exploded in the last couple of years. Several factors are responsible for this, but mostly it is the growing trend of legalization throughout the world.

Canada famously legalized the product after a few states in the US began their own projects. Luckily, there was a great demand within the new market.

To understand what is sold at a cannabis dispensary (the licensed retail store for cannabis products), it is best to look at how legalization went in Canada. Primarily, this is the right way as it starts with the basic offerings and eventually widens to include more diverse products for dissimilar demographics.

So, what were the first products to be sold at cannabis dispensaries?

Cannabis Merchandise

On the merchandising side, there was widespread adoption of glass smokeware, like pipes, bongs and one-hitters. Then there was also the consumable materials common to the hobby, including papers, lighters, pipe cleaners and rubbing alcohol. And, of course, there were the other non-glass smoking options made out of materials like wood, silicon and metal.

Still, this is not overly impressive in its own right. All of these products were available for sale before legalization at dollar stores and specialty smoke shops. At these shops, however, the products had to be marketed for tobacco use only to ensure compliance with the law. Now, let’s look at what was available after legalization.

Canadian Marijuana Dispensaries / Shops

Cannabis Products

Of course, there is dried bud. This is the most popular form of marijuana to consume and is typically smoked. It is available in sizes that range from a gram to an ounce. Pre-rolls, which are very similar to cigarettes, are available in half-gram or one gram varieties.

There are also three distinct types of marijuana available, which are separated into their plant’s respective strains. These are sativa, indica and hybrid strains. Each one offers a slightly different experience and requires its own article to fully understand.

In the initial legalization, there was another type of marijuana product that also became available. You could consider this the “concentrate” category and it included several stronger derivatives of marijuana buds.

In particular, oils and hashish became legal and for sale at marijuana dispensaries in Canada. Oil is a concentrated form of the active ingredient in marijuana (THC), and is typically added to bud for inhalation. Hashish is a solid form. The generic name for a resin product, shatter, is named after the way the product shatters during production.

The Cheaper Way to Take Cannabinoids - Hemp Tea

Shortly after the initial legislation passed, new legislation was introduced in Canada. This allowed for the sale of edible products infused with marijuana. These include everything from sweets like chocolate and candy to kombucha and tea drinks.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the amount of products sold at a cannabis dispensary is quite varied. We didn’t even get into supplier-specific deals or branded products. However, it is enough to say that like many other retail industries, cannabis is becoming a diverse and robust market.

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