Why are CBD Prices Confusing?

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Going shopping for CBD oil products can be quite a taxing experience. Several brands use overly vague descriptions on their merchandise like “CBD helps with your disease” or “live healthy daily”.

Shoppers might have a hard time picking what’s the best option for them especially on what variant has the right benefits that can help them with their conditions.

Most often than not, products in the market don’t have anything on the label that shows how much CBD it has or even what is recommended. Additionally, they might not even use the term CBD on their packaging because of the fear of getting into trouble.

Frequently, terms like hemp oil, hemp extract, or even phytocannabinoid oil is used.

Why Can’t Brands Label Their CBD Merchandise Openly?

It is interesting that even though the U.S. government holds a patent for CBD, the country’s Food and Drug Administration or FDA refuses to approve it as a legal drug.

The FDA’s outdated stubbornness and the organization’s overall social stigma against cannabis still continue to slow down the studies conducted on CBD products.

That is why most brands that offer and promote products that are CBD-infused, add a disclaimer to their products that states that: “These statements are not health claims, the FDA has not evaluated these claims. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”

In addition to this obstruction imposed by the government agency, hemp brands that sell CBD products are still facing an uphill fight when it comes to promoting their merchandise.

Although the sale of industrial hemp oil extracts is already completely permissible in the U.S., social media companies like Facebook still prohibits any kind of promotional attempts that are associated with hemp.

If one tries to do so and test the social media platform regulations and purposely run through an ad campaign that is related to hemp, an error will pop up.

General terms that might be associated in the industry like hemp protein, hemp apparel, hemp edibles, or anything that has hemp in the keyword as it is rejected by the ad policy of Facebook.

This error message will appear when you try to post the hemp related ad:

Why Are CBD Prices Confusing?

Why Can’t CBD Brands Recommend their Products and Dosage

Another thing that might confuse shoppers of CBD products, especially the new ones is the CBD variety they can purchase and the level of dosage suitable for them.

There is a wide range of hemp extract products available on the market right now from capsules, tinctures, sprays, topicals, and of course, concentrates.

On top of that, businesses that sell CBD offer their hemp oils in indefinite doses. For example, you might find some bottles that are labeled as 100mg, 300mg, and sometimes even reaching 1000+mg.

It is easy to assume the higher the milligrams, the more potent the CBD oil. But medical cannabis patients without prior knowledge might find it difficult to choose the appropriate quantity for their condition.

store your cannabis 1g

Unfortunately, brands that offer CBD products cannot suggest what type of concentrate their customers should buy. This is caused by the issues of liability since CBD, as mentioned earlier, has not been approved by the U.S. FDA as a medical drug.

It is also why you might see labels on CBD packaging that says “We recommend you do your own research before deciding which concentration to buy”.

What Should Shoppers Do?

It all starts with the buyer. If they believe that hemp extracts do indeed help their conditions, the roadblocks should not stop them from trying out products infused with CBD.

Although they might be confused at first, they are encouraged to do their own research in learning more about the hemp extracts.

Only time can tell if the U.S. government will loosen the restriction around cannabis and cannabis-infused products.

It is only then that more definitive science and studies behind phytocannabinoids can come about. Unfortunately, with the current administration’s inaction on the topic, that day is still uncertain.

Another obstacle that stops this from happening is the huge pharmaceutical companies that still lobby hard against the legalization of cannabis.

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In the meantime, the best recommendation, especially for those who are new, is constant vigilance and research before picking a brand, the amount of concentration, and the type of product to buy.



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