Why You Want to Use Cannabutter in Your Dishes

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Cannabutter is one of the most popular cannabis products especially among those who love cannabis-infused cookies, brownies, cakes, soups, pastas and dishes or simply edibles.

This product is a common kitchen ingredient to make cannabis edibles. But if you’re planning to make it yourself, you can check out the following for an easy recipe and a few tips.

What is Cannabutter?

Also called cannabis-infused butter, cannabutter is simply regular butter infused with pot.

This special butter is commonly added to edibles like cookies, brownies and cakes. It may also be an ingredient to different dishes and recipes involving cannabis like soups (more on this later).

  • It can be purchased at a licensed recreational or medical marijuana dispensary or made at home.
  • This butter is also considered as an extraction because both terpenes and cannabinoids are derived from the plant and then infused into the fat of the butter.
  • It can be made using dried cannabis trims, buds, sugar leaves or solvent-less hashish.

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The Benefits of Cannabutter

Before the easy recipe to make cannabutter, let’s touch on a few of its known benefits. Check them out in the following.

Consuming edibles is a sure-fire way of enjoying cannabis versus smoking it. Unlike smoking that exposes the lungs to toxin, byproducts and carbon monoxide, edibles do not.

Cannabutter can also offer intense and extended effects compared to other cannabis products. The reason is that cannabutter’s effects are slowed down as edibles still need to be digested and it takes time before the compounds will be able to reach your bloodstream.

For example, cannabutter effects can kick in only 30 to 90 minutes after ingestion or consumption. And once the effects kicked in, they can last for up to 12 hours depending on the THC concentration, one’s body weight and metabolism and amount consumed.

So if you prefer a longer-lasting effect, you might want to check out cannabutter.

In Which Dishes It is Possible to Use

You can drizzle or add cannabutter over popcorn or pasta to experience an instant satisfaction. It’s also great for different dishes like baked goods, such as brownies and treats.
As mentioned, it is also good for pastas, soups and all other dishes in which you would normally use traditional butter.

Who Can Use It?

Generally speaking, people add cannabutter to their recipes for the therapeutic benefits of cannabis as well as for its psychoactive effects. For example, instead of the ordinary butter added to baked goodies, they substitute it with cannabutter. The butter can be stored in the fridge for a good six months.

Easy recipe

Here is a quick and simple cannabutter recipe that you can follow if you want to make it at home. Take note that you need to spend an hour of cooking time and 10 minutes of preparation time.

If you’re using fresh or dried cannabis plant material, you need to activate the THC and CBD compounds through decarboxylation. THC and CBD aren’t water-soluble. However, the oil absorbs the terpenes along with both these compounds when mixed with the butter’s oil.


  • One-half cup salted butter
  • ¼ oz. ground cannabis buds


1. To make it, you can just melt the butter in low heat and then add the ground weed. Simmer on a low heat for 45 minutes while stirring frequently.
2. Strain into a dish with a lid.
3. Get a spoon and push its back against the plant matter. You need to smash it against your strainer in order to extract all the butter you can.
4. Discard the extracted buds when done.

This recipe resembles traditional butter closely in appearance, flavor and texture. But then, cannabutter has a unique cannabis flavor, aroma and taste due to the presence of cannabis terpenes.


  • You can use it immediately.
  • You can also store and freeze it until ready to use or reserve and store large batches until ready for use in the recipes.
  • If you need a larger batch, you can just scale up the recipe. Just remember- four sticks of butter can absorb one ounce of the plant. But then, you need to simmer it for up to one hour.
  • Use only salted butter because of its high smoke point or your butter might burn.
  • Do not leave the saucepan unattended.


Some sources recommend only two ounces of buds or plant matter for every pound of butter for a double-strength cannabutter.

Remember, cannabutter is not budder, a kind of cannabis concentrate whipped to achieve a yellowish butter color and consistency. Do not use weed butter and budder at the same time, or you might ruin your recipe.

Follow the instructions closely to achieve the desired results. Do not add too much of cannabutter in recipes, but start with a low amount.
As much as possible, read more about dosing tips when cooking with cannabutter.

Isn’t it easy to make cannabutter? Follow this easy recipe closely and add a twist to your favorite dishes using it. Be sure to start low, do not overindulge, or you’ll risk of a bad trip!

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