The mission is to fulfil our vision of a better Human – Cannabis relationship and lead more people to live a Modern Cannabis Infused Lifestyle.

Our relationship with this plant has been extremely beneficial over most part of history, however since the 1900’s this has deteriorated significantly and we believe we can contribute to changing this.

We strongly believe that education plays a key role in this process.

There is overwhelming amount of misinformation on and offline and we hope to correct some or most of the damage that’s been done by propaganda to support the prohibition.

Our mission here at Greendorphin Media is to

provide education about cannabis and its responsible use,

so everyone can access the science based truth.

WHAT WE BELIEVE is not about protesting or pushing against the deliberate misinformation that most of the citizens of this world has been exposed to but…

We believe the way of moving forward is by making accurate science based information available to EVERYONE.

We believe through our posts, one by one, we can change the negative stigma about Marijuana use and users and contribute to a brighter future of a better Human – Cannabis relationship.

We believe in living a Modern Cannabis Infused Lifestyle and with the support of those who share our vision we can share it with many others who are yet enlightened.

Join us on this journey and let us know if you have a story how Cannabis changed your life.


We would love to hear your story and to share it with the world, so leave a comment below.

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