If you have received a remarkable benefit from using Cannabis, tell us your story to help support the legalization of Cannabis.

Here is a quick guideline to help you writing your story

  • Your story will be published on its own dedicated page. The suggested minimum length is 300 words and it can be as long as it needs to be.
  • The content must be original, not published anywhere else on the internet.
  • If you wish, send us any images that you’d like to be published with your story. Make sure we have the right to use them.

Suggested structure to follow

  • Introduce yourself and your situation

Feel free to share as much as you feel comfortable with e.g. your gender, age group, location etc.

  • Your relationship with Cannabis

        – How did you hear about Cannabis as a potential solution for your situation?
        – What did you think of it before you tried it?
        – What was your first experience like with Cannabis?
        – How it has changed or how is it changing your life?
        – How is it helping your condition and/or wellbeing?
        – Your method of consumption and regularity of use?
        – Is it causing you any challenges to use Cannabis (sourcing it, applying it, stigma, what others think and so on)?
        – Is Cannabis legal where you are?
        – Anything else that you think may help others in similar situation.

Please confirm the name you’d like your story to be published under and send us a few words about yourself for your author profile. If you prefer to stay private just let us know, we are happy to work around it.

Send your story to [email protected]