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We are creating to guide and enhance the progression of a better Human – Cannabis relationship.

The site’s purpose is to provide education about cannabis and its responsible use, so everyone can access the science-based truth on a topic that has been manipulated and distorted for political and business interest for many many decades. is not about protesting or pushing against the deliberate misinformation that most of the citizens of this world have been exposed to.

We believe the way moving forward is by making accurate science-based information available to everyone.


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Every article we post on Greendorphin is aimed to help build a positive relationship between humankind and Cannabis. We teach and report on,

  • The international movement of medical and recreational use of Marijuana
  • How Cannabis can benefit your wellbeing
  • The best uses for Cannabis
  • How to improve a person’s Cannabis experience


Below are a few types of articles that work well on our site.

  1. Research and updates- This is an article where you share information and research on something happening in the industry which is newsworthy. It can be accompanied by your comments and insights on the topic.
  2. Share your expertise- Either via own experience or through interviews. In this article, you will make recommendations to readers which will improve their understanding and wellbeing of cannabis either from your own experience or experts in the field.
  3. “How to” articles- In this article, you will show readers how to achieve a certain result.
  4. Share your story If you want to share your personal story on how Cannabis has changed your life, we’d love to hear from you. Click here for more information on how you can do that.

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