Top 5 Highest Yielding Marijuana Seeds

highest yielding marijuana

Whether you are more inclined to use an indoor or outdoor cannabis garden, the very main goal that most growers aim to achieve is high yields.  Now, while the conditions and climates of your weed gardens play a major role in deciding this, there are certain marijuana seeds that will give higher yields than others! […]

How to Plan Irrigation for Your Cannabis Growing Operation

irrigation for cannabis

With the wide acceptance of cannabis across the nation, more and more individuals are considering growing it at home or starting their own growing facility. As with any sort of plant, it’s important to have an irrigation plan in mind. When it comes to growing cannabis, here are some necessary things you should consider when […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Curing Your CBD Flowers

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The cannabis plant comes in three sub-species such as indica, sativa, and ruderalis. In addition to variety in terms of species, years of careful breeding and cultivation have led to a number of different strains of cannabis with unique features and applications. In recent times, CBD-rich strains have become some of the most popular types […]

Cannabis Seed Banks vs Brokers: 4 Differences You Must Know

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds - quality seeds

When it comes to growing your own cannabis, investing in top quality seeds is absolutely essential. This is pretty obvious, really—can’t grow a plant without seeds, after all, and this is the case for everyone. Whether you’re looking to grow a couple of marijuana plants in your garden to large marijuana growing farms, everyone needs […]

How to Clean Your Grow Room After Powdery Mildew

That thing that is sticking on your plant, as though you sprinkled powdered sugar or flour over it, is a fungal infection called mildew. It is common in plants, especially in cannabis, cultivated indoors. Growers don’t like to see it on plants because it does more damage than good, and that is why they constantly […]

Tips to Successfully Grow Cannabis at Home

grow cannabis at home

Growing cannabis at home requires attention and patience. This is because the cannabis plant is very sensitive. To successfully grow marijuana at home, you need to be aware of the entire process attached to growing cannabis. Asides this, you need to be ready to do everything it takes for your plants to bloom gorgeously. For […]