Canada Cannabis Business Skyrocketing to Billions

canada cannabis to billions

As impressive as the electoral victories for cannabis legalization in the U.S. have been, if not the expansion of California’s recreational market, America is actually behind its neighbour to the north on all fronts of market development. This is because next year, given all the political indications, marijuana will become legal for recreational users at […]

Industrial Hemp: Today’s Hidden Cash Crop

Naturally Grown Cannabis

Before cannabis was illegal in the eyes of the masses, there was once a known variety of the cannabis plant that had many industrial uses. It is called Hemp. The many uses of Industrial Hemp, which is in the same gene pool as of Cannabis Sativa, was predicted in the past to have been worth […]

Business Trend Alert: Getting Into the Cannabis Business

Cannabis Business Trends

The marijuana industry as an emerging global movement is now becoming a major interest in the world of business. In fact, Cannabis related businesses are booming in nations where it is legal. The swift legalization of marijuana in different areas of the world has sparked the interest of investors and businessmen to capitalize in this plant. […]