A Beginners Guide to Trying Weed Edibles

weed edibles

When we think of edibles, we often think of the very early days when people added marijuana into their chocolate brownie mixture. Since then, edibles have come a long way. In the U.S, cannabis-infused foods have become a multi-million-dollar industry, with edibles being found at most celebrations like weddings, birthday parties, and engagements. This industry […]

How Long Do Edibles Last?

sugar is more harmful than cannabis

Edibles are cannabis-based food products, from gummies to beverages, which contain THC or CBD. They are getting more and more popular, as „high” from edibles is said to be more intense, and it may last longer, comparing to the high you get from smoking. The effects will vary depending on the quantity of consumed food, […]

Edibles Etiquette – 5 Social Rules So Everyone Has a Good Time

Edibles Etiquette—5 Social Rules So Everyone Has a Good Time

More and more states are making weed legal nowadays. This means more and more people are trying marijuana. Eating some edibles with friends can be a pleasurable experience. However, it works best when you know the edibles etiquette. Here are 5 social rules so everyone has a good time. Make sure everyone knows how potent […]

4 Ways You Can Use CBD in Cooking for Added Health Benefits

CBD in cooking

There are many ways to boost the healthiness of your cooking, and the current trend of using CBD oil is one of them. CBD is non-psychoactive and is reputed to help conditions ranging from epilepsy to arthritis. Studies have shown that CBD oil has anti-inflammatory as well as anxiety and depression-reducing properties. So if you’d […]

Why You Want to Use Cannabutter in Your Dishes

use cannabutter

Cannabutter is one of the most popular cannabis products especially among those who love cannabis-infused cookies, brownies, cakes, soups, pastas and dishes or simply edibles. This product is a common kitchen ingredient to make cannabis edibles. But if you’re planning to make it yourself, you can check out the following for an easy recipe and […]

What Method of Ingesting Cannabis is Right for You?

ingesting cannabis

As legalization for medical and recreational marijuana use continues to evolve in state legislatures, patients and consumers are now confronted with several distinct options when it comes to consumption. The human body is able to absorb cannabis compounds through the digestive and respiratory system, as well as most mucous membranes. Choosing an ingestion method is […]

What is a Decarboxylater, And How Can You Use it to Make Edibles at Home

What is a Decarboxylater?

Plan on using cannabis in edibles? Outstanding! Edibles are a great way to enjoy your favorite herb and with a virtually endless number of recipes and preparations to choose from, there is no doubt something for literally everyone. Not so Fast there But before you go throwing in some dry herb or concentrate into your […]

Joint Efforts: 4 Talking Points When Talking to a Spouse about Edibles

Happy couple - Talking to a Spouse about Cannabis Edibles

Open communication is the key to making a marriage work. It doesn’t matter if you have to talk about work-life balance, finances, or perhaps even your thoughts about cannabis edibles. It’s important to take a straightforward approach. If you want to speak with your other half about cannabis edibles, then you should zero in on […]

The 411 on Marijuana Edibles

sugar is more harmful than cannabis

Smoking marijuana or using CBD oil isn’t for everyone. Whether you have an affliction to smoking in general or prefer a more convenient, delicious option, edibles are the perfect answer to all your THC questions. But before you indulge in that “pot brownie” or pop a few adorable gummies, there are a few things you […]

Get High in Love with Cannabis Chocolate Truffles

cannabis chocolate truffles

Chocolates and weed, are among the best things put together for every Cannabis enthusiast. The edibles industry and community have come a long way in concocting various recipes for chocolate and weed. Here at Green D, we have already featured Cannabis-infused Chocolate Chip Cookies and other treats that delighted many taste buds. This season of […]