How to Responsibly Use Medical Marijuana

responsibly use medical marijuana

For years, marijuana was considered a dangerous and illegal substance that was to be avoided at all costs. But, thanks to recent research, we now know that it contains therapeutic properties that make it a safe alternative treatment for a number of maladies. But, as with anything, it’s important to use medical marijuana responsibly. Just […]

High Hopes: How to Use Recreational Cannabis Responsibly

High Hopes How to Use Recreational Cannabis Responsibly

With more and more states legalizing marijuana for recreational use, chances are you already have access to legal marijuana. If you don’t have access to legal marijuana, you probably will soon. When used recreationally, cannabis can increase the pleasure you get from daily activities like exercising, eating good food and watching movies. However, because cannabis […]

Responsible Cannabis Use – How To Avoid Misusing Cannabis

vaping vs bongs

Reports after reports have been telling us over the last 120 years that Cannabis has significant therapeutic effects. Doctors have been reporting on the positive effects of the Cannabis plant to tackle child epilepsy for nearly 100 years. From Hero to Zero – How Cannabis was ‘Discredited’ Cannabis used to be a well-accepted medicine around […]