Why Smoking Cannabis Resin Is Bad?

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Everyone who has owned a glass piece can relate to the loss of efficiency of a piece over time, which is largely due to the residue buildup that accumulates when you do not regularly clean your tool.

Where some see a problem, others see opportunity and they will attempt to smoke it in order to get high when they are low on marijuana. What few questions, however, is the safety of this practice.

Is smoking cannabis resin bad?

Let’s take a closer look at what it is and why you should avoid it altogether.

What Is Cannabis Resin?

As we’ve already established, resin is the gunk that builds up in your pipe or other tools over time. But what exactly is it made out of?

Cannabis resin is made up of the oils that come from your marijuana, mixed with the tar that comes from the smoke and the ash that settles on the sides and bottom of your pipe.

When you truly think about what resin is, this is often enough to make people avoid trying to smoke it. However, there are still misconceptions as to what it truly is and what it does.

Harm Reduction for Cannabis Consumers

Does It Contain THC?

Despite many myths stating that smoking cannabis resin is a great way to get high, the truth is that there is very little THC in resin. This is due to the fact that most of the THC was smoked up when you initially lit your herbs.

While you are still going to be smoking, you are not going to get any effects from your resin. The best dry herb vaporizers will not form the resin gunk. The lower temperatures stop the herbal chamber from forming up with resin.

Is It Bad to Smoke It?

Smoking resin is not a good idea. As you can see from the description above, resin is basically ash and tar mixed together and turned into a physical substance by cannabis oils.

This means that smoking your resin would be the same as smoking ash and tar, which is extremely harmful to your lungs, especially if you are smoking it over and over again in an attempt to get high when you run out your herbal weed.

Besides the long-term health consequences, there are also the short-term side effects that come with smoking the carbon-based substance, which includes headaches and throat irritation.

Overall, smoking cannabis resin is something that you should avoid at all costs.

smoking cannabis resin

Cleaning the Resin

This brings us to another important point: maintenance. Resin can be difficult to get rid of over time, clogging up the airways in your pipes and wasting your weed.

For the most part, steering clear of resin is as simple as making sure to clean your pipe regularly. However, not everyone knows what you should be using to clean your glass products.

Here are some of the more popular methods for cleaning out resin.

Cleaning Formula

Whether you choose to use a product designed specifically for your tool or you want to use a commercial glass cleaner, both work for this purpose.

All you have to do is fill your piece with the cleaner, cover up any exits, and shake the solution around, making sure that the residue is coming off of the surface. After a couple of minutes, you can clear all of the solution and grime out of the piece by rinsing it with hot water.

If you use this method, make sure that there is no leftover cleaning solution as accidentally smoking this can be very harmful to your health.

using salt to clean glass pieces from cannabis resin

Alcohol and Salt

If you’re looking to clean your piece with some products lying around the house, you could always mix rubbing alcohol and salt together to achieve the same effect.

Just do the same as the above and make sure that you take extra care to wash it out. If you don’t rinse it out well enough, you may still taste the rubbing alcohol during your next smoking session.


Although it can be tempting to smoke resin, the truth is that it is not worth it and the high is nowhere near as potent as weed.

The next time you or your friends think about scraping the tar out of your piece and smoking it, refer to this article to remember why it is a bad idea!

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