Keeping Your Bong Clean with Piece Water

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Glass bongs are an awesome way to consume small amounts of cannabis quickly and with no mess, however, the arduous regime of keeping your bong clean that must be undertaken on a weekly basis is less than fantastic.

Although three-arm percolators, ice keepers, and ash-catchers may look flashy on your $100 glass piece, funnily enough, they can be a bastard to clean!

Piece Water bong clean

We’ve all smoked out of a dirty bong before and know the disgusting smell that lingers in the air after the old resin has got some heat to it, but now there’s a way to keep your glass water pipe clean for up to 10x longer than regular water.

Piece Water is the trendy new bong sensation that’s sweeping the nation. While it may appear to be just a fancy bottle of water, Piece Water is actually a vitamin and mineral enriched substance, jam-packed with fruity essences to keep your bong and tube clean!

Keeping Your Bong Clean with Piece Water

It’s marketed as a water pipe h2o replacement, and although it is a consumable does consist of mainly water itself, you’d be better off grabbing a bottle of regular water instead if you’ve got pasties.

Piece Water, named aptly so as it helps to keep your piece free of resin and tar, is the best way to keep your bong clean and delay your weekly maintenance.

Piece Water to keep your bong clean

It has a zesty kick to it, with the acidity of the infused fruits working perfectly to keep those inner walls free of black gold.

Back in my heyday, I’d squeeze a wedge of lemon into my rig and definitely noticed a difference. Although it was nothing like that of the Piece Water solution.

Using Piece Water to keep your bong clean

For vapers that are looking to replicate the traditional smoking style by using a herb vape with glassware attachments, you’ll be happy to know that Piece Water is also perfect for aqua-bubblers!

Herb vapes like the Hydrology9 premium portable vaporizer shown above can become resin-stained after a couple of months of constant use, so picking up a bottle of Piece Water is going to save you valuable cleaning time.

Piece Water & Hydrology9 premium portable vaporizer

Whether you’re keeping your vape or your bong clean, nothing beats cannabis resin like Piece Water. Each 12 oz (355ml) bottle will get you a solid 8-10 fills, with each pour lasting you up to a month.

If you’re a water pipe user and are looking for the best way to keep your bong clean, then pick up a bottle of Piece Water and keep that piece clear of sticky black stuff.

Have you tried Piece Water before or do you have any tips or tricks on how to keep your bong or other glass attachments clean?
Share them with us in the comments below? 

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