4 Basic Things You Must Know Before Getting Into Cannabusiness

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As cannabis has and is becoming legal over different parts of the world, more and more people are looking to get advantage by diving into the business side of cannabis. Starting a cannabis business has become much easier, running it into an efficient way is still as hard as ever. You have to keep yourself […]

5 Reasons Why Hemp Flower Is The Game Changer of The Cannabis Industry

CBD Hemp Flowers

When most people think about the cannabis industry, they will probably think of marijuana rather than hemp. And that is okay because of the fact that marijuana is more popular and has normally been more profitable than hemp (in spite of its legal status). However, smokable hemp has now become widely available, and most people […]

The Richest Cannabis Businesses in 2020

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The cannabis industry is slowly but surely making an impact on the world market. What started as basic OTC (over the counter) trades has now changed, and how. The wall street now has more than a dozen cannabis stocks trading on its major exchanges. As more countries wake up to the medical benefits of cannabis […]

Cannabis Companies Offer Compassionate Programs to Offset CBD Costs

cannabis compassionate programs

Undoubtedly, the cannabis industry is a billion-dollar industry, and one of the reasons behind its success is its remarkable relationship with the users. Many cannabis companies tend to consider their customers’ preferences as their top priority. Being a patient of cannabis, I would like to highlight the CBD brands who are putting their maximum efforts […]

The Status of Canadian Marijuana Dispensaries in 2020

Canadian Marijuana Dispensaries / Shops

According to an industry article of spring 2020, Health Canada continued its review of cannabis licenses and security clearance applications throughout the COVID-19 quarantine. But for businesses awaiting their new dispensary license or security clearance, some delays are expected. Still, Canadian marijuana dispensaries continued operations despite quarantine, albeit under changed methods. The New Normal for […]

Branding and Promotion for Cannabis Businesses

Generating adequate revenue is the primary goal of every for-profit venture. This makes marketing a crucial part of any business, regardless of the industry. Interestingly, marketing has changed in recent years. Businesses can barely survive without a digital presence in this internet age, where more than half of the world’s population is connected via the […]