Dealing with Marijuana Hangover

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Marijuana has been known to have medical properties that aid in the treatment of several ailments like Cancer, PTSD, and chronic ailments. However, albeit its miraculous medicinal benefits, Marijuana can also cause hangover just like any substance especially when it is ingested wherein accidental overindulgence can happen. But unlike alcohol, which can induce debilitating effects of hangover to the user, Marijuana hangover is fortunately, more manageable.  

Hangover from Marijuana may vary depending on the person’s tolerance and reaction to cannabinoids. Also, inevitable circumstances like taking in contaminated cannabis may affect the type of hangover the user experiences. Each user may assimilate marijuana at different rates, giving disparate results.

Factors Leading to Marijuana Hangover

marijuana withdrawal-marijuana hangover

  • Your tolerance. Depending if the user is a newbie, an occasional user or a heavy user, hangover intensity varies. A newbie on marijuana is more likely to experience a hangover regardless the amount of intake.  However, these hangover effects will eventually die down depending on the frequency of use.
  • Quantity. This is a common cause of hangover, overconsumption. Again, take it easy, consume only what your body can tolerate. It is always suggested to take responsibility for our own use and build a discipline to control the amount of Cannabis we consume.
  • Manner of Delivery. Smoking, vaping and eating edible marijuana have different effects on our body. Thus, over-consumption through these different delivery methods would give varying hangover results.
  • Quality. The purity of marijuana affects its overall effect to our body. A poorly processed marijuana can cause unfavorable side effects. Below are the factors affecting the quality of marijuana produce.

o   Curing – this is the way of drying the marijuana. Both under-cured and over cured marijuana buds taste odd and can bring forth unfavorable effects.

o   Trimming – this is the process of isolating the non-beneficial parts of the marijuana plant. If done correctly, the end result will be a high-quality marijuana product, providing smooth tasting flavor when smoked or vaporized. And the side effects will less likely be harmful or give any hangovers.

o   Pesticides – some crop growers use pesticides to protect cannabis plants from destructive pests. If this is the case, there is a possible that you are ingesting harmful chemicals from marijuana that may induce hangovers.

Cognitive and Physical Symptoms of Marijuana Hangover

Marijuana Can Help Manage Your Anxiety and Depression

Here are some of the symptoms of marijuana hangover. Again, these symptoms may vary on each user.

  • Headache – this can be caused by insufficient water consumption when smoking marijuana.
  • Nausea, Vomiting and Abdominal Pain – this has been recently known as the symptoms of CHS or cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, an ailment that hits heavy cannabis users.
  • Lack of Energy – this is caused by the sudden drop of blood sugar.
  • Irritated Eyes
  • Congestion
  • Dehydration – consuming marijuana elevates dehydration which causes ‘cottonmouth’.
  • Shortened Attention Span
  • Difficulty with Psychomotor Tasks
  • Short-Term Memory Loss
  • Difficulty with Verbal Expression

How to Deal with Marijuana Hangover?

marijuana hangover

Every marijuana user can experience different levels of hangover. And for some, hangovers won’t stop them from taking the substance again. So, might as well learn how to overcome it and prevent it. Here is a step by step guide you can follow to successfully relieve the symptoms of marijuana hangover and possibly help you not fall on its perils again.

Mind Over Matter

Dealing with substance abuse is majorly about will power. Take a look at yourself, see how you feel after taking too much marijuana. Too much of the good stuff becomes no good so best is to take responsibility for our own Cannabis consumption. By doing this, you’ll have the upper hand and will be able to control the substance and not the other way around.

Past is Past

Don’t meddle on your misdemeanors. Keep a positive outlook and quit demotivating yourself even if it’s already the nth time that you actually overdosed yourself. Clearing your spirit will able you to think clearly on how you will handle the situation.

Hit that Spotify!

Bring forth some music that will make you feel good about yourself and calm you down. This will help in keeping you on track as you deal with these hangover symptoms.

Pour in some Juice

Nothing beats a cold orange juice in the morning, especially if you feel like crap. The vitamin C in orange juice will rewire your brain and will make you think clearly for better management of the symptoms ahead of you.


Start chugging glasses of water. By drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of clean filtered water within the day will help flush out the substance in your system.

Fill up with Good Food

Having a healthy and balanced breakfast will boost your energy and will sharpen your focus. And as most of us are aware, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it reduces morning crankiness. Why not try some hemp seeds. They don’t have any THC, but full of nutrition.

Get Cozy

Take a hot shower. Wash off the stinking residue in your life. Then put on a comfy clothing. This will help you relax and give you a better feel of yourself no matter how crappy the symptoms you do have now.

Relax. See a Movie

Get your mind off the fact that the universe is cursing you for being too greedy with weed. Put on a feel-good movie and be motivated in changing your ways for the better. Or better yet, watch a devastating movie, and start to remind yourself that you are still lucky that you are just dealing with marijuana hangover symptoms and not saving the world.

Get a Massage

Nothing beats a good body massage to achieve the ultimate relaxation. Massages are known to relieve anxiety, headaches and insomnia related to stress. And since dealing with marijuana hangover would be a hell of a fight, get at least two hours of calming massage and be high with it instead.

Call a Friend

At this point, you have probably accomplished a lot and is nearly successful in beating your hangover. Call a friend or any of your family members and tell them your achievements in dealing with your trashy way of living. Sometimes, a pat on the back is all we need to keep us going.

Learn from the Experience

After all that devastating experience, and you have finally succeeded in conquering your hangover, appreciate your accomplishments. Lasting this far of not taking a hit for 24 hours is an honor to be proud of. But then again, let’s face it, you can’t take off your hand on the good stuff and will start firing up that weed again. Just remember  to remind yourself about the hell you’ve been through to keep you from overdosing again.

Do you have other effective tips on dealing with Marijuana hangover?

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