20 Most Influential Women in Cannabis

Top 20 Most Influential Women in Cannabis

Cannabis is becoming a bigger and bigger part of everyday life. The stigma associated with weed is slowly going away as a new ‘industry’ is being born in front of our eyes. A brand new industry that legal cannabis is, means that the opportunity is open to anyone, regardless of age or gender. What many […]

4 Ways to Brand Your Cannabis Products for Increased Sales

Brand Your Cannabis Products

Cannabis is a substance that’s been on the up-and-up all over the globe throughout the last few years. The cannabis phenomenon isn’t a mysterious one, either. Many individuals associate the substance with a wealth of significant health advantages. If you manufacture cannabis products, then you should prioritize A+ branding techniques. Doing so can pave the […]

3 Things You Should Know Before Entering the Cannabis Industry

Entering the Cannabis Industry

If you’re looking to break into the cannabis industry, you’re not alone. Smart investors and entrepreneurs are taking notice of the upswing and increased demand in CBD and THC. Not to mention, more states are legalizing their use every day, which means a larger audience and broader customer base. But entering the cannabis industry is […]

Signs the Cannabis Industry is on the Rise

Cannabis Industry is on the Rise

According to a recent study, 62% of Americans are in favor of legalizing marijuana. CBD and THC use is becoming more widely accepted across the globe, which is why the industry is booming. CBD sellers are popping up in storefronts and flooding the internet. But what exactly caused this spike in CBD use and is […]

Canadians Who Invest in the Cannabis Industry are Being Banned from Entering U.S.

Japan Allowed First Ad Promoting CBD

For several years now, the Border Protection or CBP and the U.S. Customs and Border have been given the power to interrogate Canadian residents who are planning to enter the U.S. soils about their cannabis use. But with the recent plans of Canada in cannabis legalization, the U.S. is focusing on the whole cannabis industry […]

India’s Growing Cannabis Market and Entrepreneurs

Patanjali Ayurved and Cannabis

Then twenty-year-old management graduates Nikunj Ahuja and Kunaal Kapoor from Mumbai were smoking cannabis in their room when they got a bright idea. Eight years later, that idea made these men CEOs of an e-commerce business that sells cannabis smoking paraphernalia. Both of them invested Rs 10,000 or approximately $148 each to print colorful roach […]