How Cannabis Researchers Can Prevent Biased Results

cannabis researchers

The steady growth of cannabis use in medicine, as well as health and wellness treatments in general, has led to an increased demand for cannabis-derived therapies. This growth, in conjunction with the legalization of cannabis, has resulted in more research into the plant’s effects and potential. However, much of this research is funded by cannabis […]

Cannabis Science to Host a Black Tie, Red Carpet Gala Event- “Cannabis Kills Cancer”

Cannabis Kills Cancer

Cannabis Science Inc. is one of the popular American companies that is known for developing cannabinoid-based medicines. They are taking advantage of their unique understanding of metabolic processes to manufacture innovative treatment options for various unmet medical needs. About the Event- Cannabis Kills Cancer The Black Tie Gala event hosted by Cannabis Science is actually […]

Big Tobacco Company Invests in Cannabis Research

Big Tobacco Company Invests in Cannabis Research

Imperial Brands, one of the giants in the tobacco industry invested in the UK cannabis research start-up Oxford Cannabinoid Technologies (OCT). They said the investment is for the British biotechnology company to further study how cannabis can be used in making medicine. This investment also marks one of the first official financial moves of tobacco […]

The United States is Losing Out on the $30 Billion Medical Marijuana Industry

Despite the overwhelming opportunity, the United States is losing out on the $30 billion medical marijuana industry as other countries around the world are monetizing on the vacuum the Federal government has created by limiting medical research and export opportunities. Lyle Craker is currently staying in the basement of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He […]

Brazilian Marijuana Researcher Investigated by the Police Prompted Outcry

São Paulo’s law enforcement has once again threatened the freedom of information in Brazil. In these trying times, not only is the tight budget the concern of scientists and researchers alike, but the police agency is giving them problems that result in putting science on the shelves. Just recently, a police probe sparked discussion and […]