Congress Passed Amendment to Protect Medical Marijuana State Laws

Politicians Embrace Marijuana

Congress has voted to extend the protection of medical marijuana in legal states, showing another sign of warming up to legal cannabis. A Congressional committee has passed the Joyce Amendment, a bill that will restrict the funds available to the Department of Justice for their operations against state-legal medical cannabis programs. Last week, it was […]

US Congress Seeks to Extend the Protection of Medical Marijuana

Politicians Embrace Marijuana

Canada’s cannabis industry is budding and growing at an extraordinary speed since medical cannabis legalization in 2001. Health Canada, the country’s equivalent of U.S.’ Department of Health and Human Services was given the authority to oversee the production and licensing of the substance soon after the decriminalization. As of this moment, the North American country is […]

Pete Sessions: The Reason Congress Can’t Vote on Cannabis Legizlation

Pete Sessions

Pete Sessions may be a name you are not familiar with. This congressman is not, in any way related to the Attorney General Jeff Sessions. But these two Sessions have something in common: they profoundly despise marijuana. Pete is one of the primary reason for the government’s slow progress in the legalization of marijuana and […]