Trump Allegedly Told Friends He Wanted to Execute Drug Dealers in America

Trump's Commutation of Alice Marie Johnson

President Donald Trump privately told his associates about his desire to execute every drug dealer in the United States, according to a report by Axios. Axios’ report, which they gathered from five sources, stated that President Trump talked about the subject and said that he greatly admired the drug policy of Singapore. Currently, Singapore has […]

ICC’s Case vs Duterte: An Update on Philippines’ War on Drugs

After winning the May 2016 presidential election and starting his term in June that same year, Rodrigo “Roa” Duterte became the Philippines’ 16th president. Soon after taking the presidential seat, President Duterte launched a nationwide campaign against drugs. Like any drug-related armed campaign worldwide and throughout history, the whole ordeal became bloody real fast. Tens […]

The Progress of Cannabis in Mexico: Reform South of the Border

The Progress of Cannabis In Mexico: Reform South of The Border

Mexico has been playing an interesting card in the issue of global marijuana reform. The country, long on the front lines of the American drug war, is also directly threatened by the power, money, and influence of not only Mexican but Central and South American cartels. Almost two years ago, the Supreme Court here declared […]

Why Cannabis is Less Harmful than Other Drugs?

cannabis less harmful

We have been asked a few times why cannabis is less harmful than other drugs. Most drugs, such as Opioids on the schedule 1 list seem to be derived from a plant in the first place- what makes cannabis so different? Well, it is a fair question and certainly a good one to ask. To […]