How to Grow High Quality Cannabis

growing cannabis

Producing the best quality marijuana is not as complicated as it sounds. Almost anyone can grow high quality cannabis. The only thing to keep in mind is that buds determine the value of your marijuana. Most growers struggle with the quality of their marijuana buds. The plant may grow well, but it does not seem […]

How Commercial Cannabis Growers Can Benefit from Using a Software

cannabis grow software

The legal cannabis market is steadily approaching full bloom and new businesses are entering the market on a daily basis. Competition is heating up and this has put pressure on commercial cannabis businesses to reduce production costs while not compromising quality. The cannabis industry is also guided by complex regulations requiring cultivation businesses to track […]

No-Till Soil for Beginners: DIY Organic Soil for Cannabis Plants

Whip up your own organic super soil with Greendorphin! Our No-Till Soil recipe is the perfect beginner blend for organic cannabis growers. No-Till Soil is the name given to organic potting and compost mix that has been packed full of nutrients to support your cannabis plant throughout its whole life cycle. This also involves a […]

Repot your Cannabis Plants with this Simple 7-Step Guide

Looking to repot your cannabis plants and grow a monster crop? I’ve repotted a lot of weed plants in my time and by following these guidelines I’ve never had an issue! Cannabis plants, like all plants, require ample medium and grow space in order to reach the height and thickness of some of the plants […]

What Does It Mean to Have the“Best LED Grow Lights?”

Setting up ‘The Grow Room’

LED grow lights are paving a bright pathway for future growers who wish to start large-scale or commercial growing projects. Many people are growing plants under these unique full spectrum grow lights, which bring with them several benefits. If you are planning to take up an indoor growing project, it is important that you get […]

What It’s Like Being a Canadian Cannabis Company Awaiting Legalization

Canada's Cannabis Legalization

Growing marijuana continues to be a controversial issue on an international level. Canada has recently taken a progressive and bold leap, officially legalizing marijuana for recreational use and growing as of Wednesday, October 17th, 2018. Depending on what province you live in the legislation will allow Canadians to grow up to four plants within the […]

Different Types of Cannabis Grow Lights

Are you new to growing cannabis? Are you a grower with a few years under your belt, but still can’t decide which lighting is best for you and your plants? No matter where you are at your stage of learning about the cannabis industry, having proper lighting effects not only your plant’s growth but their […]

Countries Where You can Grow Your Own Cannabis

Countries where you can grown your own cannabis

As the cannabis industry begins to take shape internationally, the issue of home-grown cannabis is still an ever-present question that has not entirely been solved, nor is it likely to be soon. Many countries, particularly in Europe are in fact moving ahead with reform of some kind to limit home-grow and its spill-over into the […]

How to Grow Cannabis At Home

Growing Cannabis

With the rise of medicinal marijuana users and the need for good quality cannabis, some people would prefer to grow cannabis at home. You are certainly not alone, it is becoming very popular around the world and especially in North America. There is a huge interest in growing plants at home for various reasons such […]