Is This the End of MassRoots? Quarterly Revenue Drops Almost 100%

MassRoots Inc, the company behind the cannabis-friendly social media network called MassRoots, continues to make headlines, although not for the right reasons. It is not easy to operate a business in the cannabis space, and MassRoots have been on an uphill push from the very beginning. However, as time goes on, things don’t seem to […]

MassRoots CEO, Isaac Dietrich Has Been Ousted by the Board

Cannabis friendly social media network, MassRoots has lost its CEO on Monday, as the Board of the Denver, Colorado based company ousted Isaac Dietrich. MassRoots has been through a massive growth in users and a roller coaster ride since it was started in April 2013. The timing was perfect as Colorado became the first US […]

Cannabis and Social Media Networks: Are they a Good Match?

cannabis and social media

The leading social media network at the moment, Facebook, isn’t quite Cannabis- friendly. Instagram, (also controlled by Facebook) has a similar attitude. They banned #weed from their site in 2013. It’s very obvious that cannabis and social media giants are not ‘friends’.  Social networks and even companies like Google and Apple are taking a hard stand […]