The Great Benefits of Cannabis for Women

cannabis for women

The benefits of cannabis for women are almost endless. As marijuana continues to amaze the medical world with its potential to treat everything from common ailments to serious diseases, more women are starting to use cannabis in their daily lives. Read on to learn more about the connection between women’s health and cannabis. Balance Hormones […]

20 Most Influential Women in Cannabis

Top 20 Most Influential Women in Cannabis

Cannabis is becoming a bigger and bigger part of everyday life. The stigma associated with weed is slowly going away as a new ‘industry’ is being born in front of our eyes. A brand new industry that legal cannabis is, means that the opportunity is open to anyone, regardless of age or gender. What many […]

Successful Women in The Marijuana Industry

women in cannabis industry

As marijuana business continues to expand globally, women are taking up their roles as leaders within the marijuana industry.  Despite the stereotypes of a male-dominated, male-focussed “bro-club” industry, in fact, women are moving ahead and nabbing senior if not leading roles. They are present in every aspect and vertical of the business too. In both […]