Green Growth Brands Introduce a New Solvent-less THC Concentrate

Happy Camp Solvent-less THC Concentrate

Disposable vapor pens and cartridges are one of the largest growing sectors in the cannabis market today. Not only are they portable, but they provide users with an easy and discreet way to consume THC while on the move. They’re also ideal for new cannabis users who want to try the drug for the first […]

5 Reasons Everyone Should Try Dabbing (At Least Once)

vaping vs dabbing

No, we aren’t talking about the most recent dance move made popular by the Migos and the Carolina Panther’s Cam Newton. Dabs are actually doses of cannabis with a very high concentration of THC. So much so that some dabs can contain upwards of 80% THC per dose. To put things into perspective, remember that […]

CBD Extraction Explained

Chile’s pharmacies became the first to sell marijuana concentrate as medicine of any of the legalizing countries around it.

If you’re one of the thousands of people who have welcomed CBD into their lives, you understand its many benefits through first-hand experience. You may not think passed how it makes you feel and where you get it from. But CBD and CBD oil must be extracted from the hemp plant and processed for consumption. […]

How to Make Your Own THC Vaporizer Cartridges at Home

How to Make Your Own THC Vaporizer Cartridges

Making your very own THC infused vaporizer cartridges might be easier than you think. Disposable vaporizer pens are becoming wildly popular in the legalized states in the US and there are good reasons for it. They are very discreet and convenient to use and also very portable, they have almost no smell, you can take […]

Disposable Vape Pen Review: iFocus Puff-Powered Dab Pens

Looking to save money and load up your own disposable vape pen or dab cartridges? This quick review on iFocus’s new pre-loadable dab pen sheds some light on the awesome new trend of dabbing and vaping concentrates! Nowadays you can pick up a disposable vape pen or pre-loaded cartridge from almost any dispensary, but there’s […]

DIY Dab Cartridges with Shatter Batter & the Hippie Air

The hottest trend taking the global cannabis scene by storm right now is disposable dab pens and dab cartridges. These cartridges contain liquified cannabis oil and are as discreet as it gets.  Big vape brands like Pax and JUUL have jumped on the idea, bringing out compatible pod-style dab cartridges with their new wax pen, […]

Turn Your Kief into Hash with This 5-Step Guide

turn your kief into hash

Want to learn how to turn your kief into hash with only five simple steps? The cannabis concentrate team at Greendorphin Media are here to help! When you use a herb grinder to chop up your weed, there’s generally a screen in the bottom that helps to collect dried resin glands that have fallen from […]

Disposable Dab Pen Guide: Weed Vaping 101

vapor clouds

The hottest trend to hit the cannabis market in recent years is without a doubt the emergence of THC-distillate cartridges and the disposable dab pen.  Cannabis concentrates are slowly becoming my favorite way to get high. They are fast-acting, basically mess-free, and deliver a beautifully clean high that’s awesome for spurring creativity. A disposable dab […]

How to Use a Quartz Banger: Perfect Low-Temp Dab

Quartz banger - try dabbing

Dabbing and vaping cannabis concentrate is becoming hugely popular due to the speed and discreetness associated with the art. In this post, we give you a detailed analysis on how to use a quartz banger to take a perfect low-temp dab! Cannabis extracts come in a bunch of different forms, but in essence, they’re simply […]

Legalization of Cannabis Extracts Not Happening in Canada

Canada's Cannabis Legalization

This coming month of October, Canada will finally legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Recreational cannabis will be available through more than 200 private retailers’ across the province of Alberta and be curated to around 40 state-run shops in Ontario. Meanwhile, other provinces in the country would not allow cannabis dispensaries and residents from these […]