How To Choose The Best Electric Dab Rig For Christmas

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Christmas season is finally here, and searching for the best gift is now the norm. Do you love dabbing? That’s perfect because Waxmaid has electric dab rig options with the best festive deal.

The trick is to get the one that brings the thrill of dabbing as you enjoy every moment. The holiday is approaching fast, and knowing what to get is crucial. So, here is a guide to help you choose the Christmas deal that will satisfy you.

Understanding Electric Dab Rigs

An electric dab rig is a dabbing device that uses batteries to vaporize that hash or rosin. It has a mouthpiece to help with inhalation. For the Waxmaid case, you get the quartz heating coils for heating the concentrates. In most cases, they are small enough to fit in your pocket. 

Some also have small bags to help carry if you want to avoid keeping it in your pocket. If you are a beginner in the dabbing sessions, now you know what we are dealing with here. Now, it’s time for tips on choosing the best dab rig for the Christmas season. 

You can also use these tips when choosing one for a friend. 

What Do You Need to Consider When Choosing an Electric Dab Rig for Christmas?

Your Dabbing Frequency 

Do you and your friends love taking a hit more than a few times daily? Then, you need a dab rig to help you pack for the day. So, picking an erig that will not make you frequently use the charging socket is essential. 

The last thing you want is that aunt who just visited asking you many questions. An option like the Ares Plus electric dab rig has about 40 sessions after a full charge. The best thing with such a choice (and other erigs) is that you don’t need butane and torches. 

For those who don’t take hits too often, consider something like the HoneyCup e-rig. It only has 20 sessions after a full charge.

The Dabbing Experience

Electronic dabs also have innovative features that take your dabbing to the next level. You can choose temperature modes by clicking the necessary button a few times. 

That is a feature that Waxmaid includes in their electric dab rigs. The technology in use is a factor that will help in elevating the experience. With that, check out how the mouthpiece and percolator are, the time taken to heat, and the overall convenience.

Your Lifestyle

Will you always be on the move this holiday? Getting something portable will be the best Christmas deal for you. Going for a tiny dab rig such as the HoneyMod will also make it easy to carry. It can fit in your pocket without drawing any attention.

You can also opt for an erig with a carrying bag like the Ares Plus. The best part about such is that the bag is smell-proof. Also, no one apart from the fans will know what you have in your hands. For the travelers, it’s also advisable to pick something durable. If not, ensure it has the best protection mechanisms to prevent breaking. 

A bigger dab rig will suit you if you are chilling at home or in a park. It’s also advisable to consider those who will be around you during the festive season. If you know your dabbing behavior will raise eyebrows, go for something tiny. 

The Budget 

As you choose a dab rig, check your budget to avoid breaking the bank. If your pockets are tight, consider going for dab rigs with offers. For example, if you buy an electric rig from Waxmaid, the price ranges between $100 and $150. 

The best part is that regardless of the erig you buy, you get a 30% discount. If you decide to get a HoneyMod or a HoneyCup, you will get an Octopus silicone container as a bonus on top of the offer.

Such a Christmas deal only comes once in a while. It suits all those who want to save a few bucks for more dab during the festive season. The point we are trying to make here is that the price you get should give you value for money. 

Ensure you are also getting something unique, especially if you need a gift for a friend. Avoid something cheap since you might replace it sooner than you thought.

Cleaning and Maintenance 

We know you are planning to have lots of activities this Christmas. So, cleaning your erig should not take the better chunk of your time. Small dab rigs may pose a cleaning challenge when compared to big ones. 

If you want to have an easy cleaning time, then consider an option like the HoneyCup. It’s large enough, and disassembling and assembling is quicker. While cleaning the dab rig is essential, taking less time will allow you to enjoy what’s left of Christmas. 

However, we advise you to keep your dab rig clean. No one wants to deal with an oily percolator and mouthpiece. 

Your Erig for Christmas Checklist 

The above points will help you land the best electric dab rig deal this Christmas. To make the search easier, here is the checklist for you to consider.

  • The heating technology: Is it convection or conduction? How does it affect the performance and the dab flavor?
Conduction versus Convection

  • Portability: Is the electric rig easy to carry? If you want a larger one, is it user-friendly?
  • Temperature modes: Can you choose the best temperature for your dabbing experience? Being able to adjust the heat levels will help you customize the experience. 
  • Quality: Does the material in use make the electric rig durable? Having quartz, ceramic, glass, and platinum-cure silicone make up the parts is one of the best choices. 
  • Ease of use: How are the temperature controls? What about assembly and dab loading?
  • Battery life: How long does the battery last? How long does it take to charge?
  • Cleaning and maintenance: Is it easy to clean the erig? What about the detachable parts?
  • Warranty and support: A good warranty from a supportive company can make all the difference. Ensure that you are relying on a product from a reputable company.

Parting Shot 

As you celebrate this Christmas, ensure that the electric dab rig you get becomes part of the best memories. The considerations and checklist above will help you choose the best one. Whether you need one for yourself or a friend, you can go right with Waxmaid offers. 

Remember that the best dab rig should reflect your passion for the festive season. May your choice elevate the experience you wish to have during the holiday. Happy Christmas dabbing, folks!

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