How to Plant Cannabis Seeds

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Once your cannabis seeds have been germinated, it’s time to plant them into a growing medium.

Germination may take about 48 hours. You will know your seeds are ready to plant when you begin to see a taproot start poking its way out of the seed. Once this taproot is about a quarter to a half an inch long, your seed is ready to plant.

Your tiny sprouted seed is like a newborn child. It’s delicate and needs gentle handling and nurturing. It’s important to disrupt your sprout as little as possible. Avoid any sudden jolts, and try not to touch it with your bare hands.

Rootlets should be bright white and look fresh. If one of your sprouts looks dark and burned, it may be beyond saving. It is important to start with good fertile seeds that you can source locally or from online seed banks, depending on your location.

Cannabis seed with taproot

Growing Medium to Plant Cannabis Seeds

The best growing medium to use is a planting mix designed to grow cannabis seeds. You can find these special mixes, often made of sterile soil or composted bark, either online or at any garden supply store near you.

You can also use a rooting cube to give your sprouts extra care. Many growers choose to use rooting cubes made out of Rockwool or other material that holds both air and water evenly.

In a pinch, you can use regular potting soil as a medium to plant your cannabis sprouts. If you decide to use dirt from your garden, make sure it’s airy and loose rather than thick and compact.

Prepare for Planting Your Cannabis Seeds

If you plan to use rooting cubes, stick to one cube per seed.

If you plan to use planting mix or garden soil, prepare a separate cup or small pot for each sprout. Fill each container about three-quarters full with loose dirt or planting mix.

Pour water into your growing medium until the soil or cube is completely saturated. Your cannabis seeds need to stay moist during the entire planting process, so make sure your growing medium is moist to the touch.

Now it’s time to make some holes in your soil. It’s best not to use your finger. Instead, you can use a clean chopstick or the tip of a pen to drill down into the medium. Each hole should be about a quarter of an inch deep. Starter cubes usually come with pre-drilled holes.

Cannabis seed planting in Jiffy Pot

Planting Your Cannabis Seeds

Once you have everything prepared, it’s time to plant your cannabis seeds. This step should be done as quickly as possible to avoid exposing your rootlets to too much open air or bright light.

Remember, don’t touch your sprouts! Dip a pair of tweezers into some rubbing alcohol to make sure they won’t contaminate your newborns. Use the sterilized tweezers to gently lift the seeds out of your germination medium and delicately place them into the holes in your growing medium.

Always place your seeds with the white root tip pointing down toward the bottom of your pot or cube.

Cover Your Seed

Cannabis seeds have just enough energy to penetrate through about a quarter of an inch of soil. Cover them gently and loosely to make sure they’re able to break through without difficulty.

If you’re using a rooting cube, you can crimp the rooting medium softly over your sprout.

Cannabis growing medium

Water and Air

At this stage, it’s not necessary to add any fertilizer or other specialized additives. Just make sure your growing medium stays permanently both airy and moist.

Right now, your tiny sprouts are vulnerable to “moisture stress,” which can result in stunted cannabis plants. Too little moisture can dry out your seeds, but too much can drown them.

Keep an eye on your pots, cups or cubes. When you notice the soil or Rockwool beginning to dry out, add a bit more water, but be careful not to flood them.

The soil should be dark with moisture, but you should never allow the surface of your growing medium to be covered with a puddle of water. You may have to lightly water your sprouts once or even twice a day.

Light and Heat

Don’t place your seedlings in direct sunlight, and try to avoid excessive heat. At this stage, seedlings do best inside a warm room with cool grow lights or indirect sunlight. Now it’s time for your sprouts to enter their vegetation stage.

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