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How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds?

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In many states and countries, it is legal to cultivate Cannabis for agricultural and medicinal purposes. With the rise seen in the demand of marijuana all over, many people are now considering to cultivate the seeds in their backyard. It should be seen to it that you are legally allowed to grow cannabis in your state and area as it will create a problem if it is not lawfully permitted.

The seeds for cultivating the marijuana are readily available in the seed banks. There are many places to get the seeds but make sure that the seeds are new and darker as older seeds take a longer time to germinate as comparatively.

There many ways in which seeds can be cultivated easily one of the ways is to germinate the seeds first and then growing it.

The seeds of cannabis need primary three factors that are essential for every plant to grow- water, sunlight, and humidity. The seeds need to be stored in a cool and dry place before cultivating them.

There are many ways to carry out the procedure of germination of the cannabis, but one such method and the most commonly used method is the Wet Paper Towel Method.

To know what is germination, why is it important and how does wet paper towel process work in detail read this article further.

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

What is Germination?

The process of sprouting the seeds before planting the seeds it is called germination. The process of germination helps in fast growth of seeds. However, it is recommended that fresh and new seeds should be used as such seeds are healthy, and the sprouting seen in these seeds is quicker as compared to old seeds. In some cases, the seeds stored for a long time are also used for germination. The time it takes to sprout depends on the quality of seeds.

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Wet Paper Towel Method for Germinating Cannabis Seeds

This method has gained a lot of popularity for carrying out the process of germination of cannabis seeds among the people all over the world.

In this method, you need paper towels, a lot of them. Take 2-3 paper towels to make sure that the sheets are not porous so that it can hold moisture for a more extended period.

Now, soak the towels in the distilled water and keep it on a plate. After you have kept the wet paper towels make sure it is not dripping but is wet enough to retain its moisture.

Lay the seeds of cannabis on the wet towels. You can keep seeds in a line to make it easy for you. Once you have kept all the seeds cover these seeds with wet paper towels.

They should be covered with a lid or a plate so that the paper towels remain wet and provide essential moisture to the seeds.

Remember that along with moisture the seeds also need humidity to germinate. So make sure that the temperature of the room is from 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21°C) to 90 Fahrenheit (32°C) which is the optimum temperature for the germination of the seeds.

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Generally, seeds take 1-4 days to germinate. You can check the seeds regularly to see if you can notice sprouting in the seed. Make sure that the paper towels don’t dry out as it will delay the germination process.

The germination of seeds will help you in getting the sprouts. These sprouts of the cannabis seeds can now be roped into the soil for its further growth.

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For sowing the sapling dig a hole in the ground that is a ¼ inch deep. Keep the sprout sapling into the soil such that its roots are towards the soil. This will help in cultivating the seeds easily and quickly.

There are many other methods to germinate the cannabis seeds, and overnight soaking is the quickest and easy alternative to the wet paper towel technique.

In this method take the seeds and keep them in the glass filled with lukewarm water. Leave the seeds in the glass overnight and for at least 24 hours- 32 hours.

You will be able to notice the taproot out of the seed after it germinates. Once you see the taproot, you can transfer the seeds into the soil.

cannabis seedling in soil

Tips for Growing Cannabis

After the seeds are transferred to the soil make sure it gets enough sunlight for the growth. If sunlight is not available naturally, you can also give it through a heat bulb to help the seeds grow.

Water the plants well such that the soil remains moist and helps the plant.

Always make sure that the roots of the seeds are downwards or else the roots will start growing on the surface, and it will become difficult for the plants to grow.

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

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