How to Know if a Marijuana Delivery Service is a Scam

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Everyone wants to get value for their money especially for marijuana that can be quite expensive.

Well, some of the biggest challenges are not in the quality and grade of weed that we buy but the issue of whether the cannabis will ever get into your hands through a marijuana delivery service.

We have heard of cases where people have paid for items only to realize later on that they were conned. The trade on weed can be sophisticated at times and in the hideouts, some marijuana delivery services can take advantage of the situation.

Due to the fact that most people are not outright with the buying and selling of cannabis, some dealers would take that opportunity to cheat on buyers. For sure, legal marijuana delivery in the cities of America is still a far-fetched dream.

The world of marijuana delivery is very complex and you can easily get lured into using services that don’t deliver. This is especially if you land yourself to illegal weed delivery services.

Today, you cannot even be sure of those slick-and-trending apps listed on Google play claiming to belong to trusted cannabis delivery services. Getting the root of the matter will save you a lot of your time and money.

If you do your research well, you will keep off scammers in the marijuana industry.

How to Suss Out a Marijuana Delivery Service Scam


If you are well- informed about weed and its regulation, you cannot afford to get it from just ANY person.

First, for the reason that the business is conducted by all sorts of people including cheats and second, marijuana is a highly traded product that costs a fortune and people may steal your money because of greed. Here is how to know scammers in the pot industry:

1. A Weed Delivery Service With Conflicting Information

Stay away from any marijuana delivery service claiming to provide weed in States that the drug is not legalized.

According to Buzzfeed, marijuana delivery was not legalized in certain states despite having passed laws that sought to decriminalize weed. These included Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Colorado and so on.

Things might have changed by now including in some other places but should you find marijuana delivery services claiming to do deliveries in areas that have been restricted to weed distribution, keep off.

Cheats can do anything to get hold of your money and they will not even be ashamed to take advantage of the less-informed people to prey on their money. Therefore, it is important to do research online and even consult close acquaintances for details related to trading of weed in a certain region.

2. Image and Presentation Of The Marijuana Delivery Service

People who are not straightforward want to hide in a certain mask.

They want to do things in a rush and don’t address your concerns at length lest you realize their fishy business. If you come across such, think twice. Again, you can tell something is not right with a weed delivery service by just looking at their website.

There are some slight giveaways to say a website for a marijuana delivery service is not trustworthy such as:

  • Poorly designed website
  • Loaded with poor content full of grammatical errors
  • No contact number

If these people don’t have time to get organized, chances are that they will most likely not have time for you. They will quickly look for a way to fix you and before you know it, you have already sent them your hard-earned cash and left wondering what just happened.

Scamming in the marijuana industry is real. If you come across anyone who is nervous in their presentations, you have a reason to worry.  Some may even exude calm and confidence but they will talk less.

They won’t give you all the answers to the questions you are looking for before buying your marijuana. At that point, you should be clever enough to know that someone is about to cheat you.

3.When Payment Precedes The Desire to Listen to You and Address Your Needs

You can easily identify marijuana scammers if you are careful. The online weed community gets volumes of scammers and spam.

These are real individuals who are endeavoring to cheat others into purchasing marijuana online. In most cases, these people will make advertisements for Xanax, Cannabis, Actavis and Cocaine among other drugs.

Sales can be made on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter among others. However, it is very vital that you don’t buy weed through the internet from an individual whom you have never heard of.

It’s important to be aware, that in most cases, buying weed online WILL be a SCAM if marijuana is criminalized in the place where you live.

The most important thing is to never give your money first.

Ask questions, find out more about the provider and their products before going into business with them.

Should you get anyone pushing you to pay for weed that you are not 100% sure about… then think twice. These are obvious signs of people who may be scamming you.

Don’t Let Scammers Get You!


Ideally, the above are the three most important signs to look for. There are other signs such as what payment method they use and other common online retail scam issues you can lookup.

For example, if a marijuana delivery service insists on cash payments at a certain preferred location. You had better backtrack. Imagine buying large quantities of weed and carrying large amounts of cash in your bag to meet them.

You can definitely guess what is going to happen. Therefore, it is important to always sober up and be calm.

Don’t let your desire for marijuana override your safety. Make sure you use safer methods such as PayPal, Wire Transfer and so on. There are better ways of making payments other than cash.

Most important of all is to purchase your weed with knowledge and confidence.

There is a lot of misinformation available online. Therefore, try to establish what is genuine and who is telling the truth. Get reviews and feedback from across many places before settling on a weed delivery service.

Pot Valet is just one of the reputable service deliverers you can check out, they provide 45 mins -overnight deliveries for Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Solano counties.

If you live outside of these areas you can do your research and look for similar services who show trustworthy signs similar to Pot Valet.

Have you experienced some issues with your Marijuana Delivery Service provider?

Share your experience with us!

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      • Indeed Dee, i am even more grateful to it’s efficiently run and always friendly. There is quite of bit of variety for bud selection, edibles and even vape type products. I tend to stay with dried selections and adding an edible to my order from time to time. By far, my favorite have been the “Cheeba Chews.” Thankful to have them in neighborhood. Always friendly and helpful no matter when I contact them!

          • i can very well relate to your hurt cos i have been a victim of these scams 3 times while trying to get meds for my fribromyalgia. its so sad how some of these unscrupulous low life scumbags find delight in preying on patients. but as i always say, karma is a bitch and will come knocking at thier doors sooner or later. I was so in need of these meds that i could not give up on the search. fortunately a friend of mine finally directed me to an online shop where i got some decent meds. visit , get your medicines and thank me later. God bless

          • i perfectly agree with you. I ordered some cannabis oil from . It was fairly viscous. Although it is easily dispensed from the syringe style applicator the oil was provided in. The batch I received was very potent when I compare the pain relieving, anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic properties of the brands/solutions I have tried. Dual-layer seals on the applicator end along with proof of its constituents/cbd %. Thanks you all for making us discover .

  1. = Canada scammers posing as Colorado shop.
    They have chat and phone to assist in con, extort you further with false tracking # to show your shipping is on HOLD IN CUSTOMS ! NEED $355 FOR PROPER STAMPS TO RELEASE OR IT’S YOUR PROBLEM IN 2 DAYS !

    • I ordered from last week. However, i didn’t get to receive my order because i had some very pressing need for money that came up along the way, thus prompting me to cancel my order with them and ask for refunds. i was both impressed and amazed at how promptly the gave my refunds. This reaffirmed my faith in their legitimacy and i won’t hesitate to place an order again when i lay hands on some loose cash. Cos one thing is certain;scammers NEVER refund money and since refunded me fully, i’m convinced beyond reasonable doubt that they are legit.

      • I don’t usually write reviews, but I felt compelled to after buying cannabis from I’ve finally gotten some relief for my anxiety. I just take 5 to 7 puffs of their grand daddy purpe before I head out to a party or to a social gather and I feel great. I’m not nervous or cautious or don’t care what people think. And best part of all, i don’t have to DRINK to feel comfortable. This stuff makes me feel good. It’s my secrete weapon when anxiety comes along hehehehxxx

        • I have spent over $2000 at and the only hiccup i ever got was with my december 20th order. They didn’t reply to my email for 2 days but later emailed me explaining that it was due to the fact that they had too many orders during that festive period which is understandable. The good thing is that they replaced my order and even added some edibles in my package as compensation for the delay and that was fine with me. A big thank you to maryjanecures for all they do for me and everyone else.–

          • It’s very annoying when people make blatant attempts at defrauding patients. Fraudsters really make earth hell to live in. Gosshh!!!!! what happened to empathy?? The memories of a recent loss i incurred while attempting to buy cannabis oil for my sick daughter is so alive in my mind. Thankfully, despite all odds, i’m now able to get a constant supply of her medicines from to treat her autism. i can’t thank them enough for all the good works they are doing to help my daughter and other sick children out there. Be blessed…

          • is a rip off, these are phony reviews just look at the website text, these scammers use the same stuff. MARYJANECURES.COM has the same bullshit as and both are scams. These positive reviews are designed to pull in suckers.

    • IS A SCAM – they get you to transfer the money and then they call you and try to extort more money from you. Just beware. I lost $250.

  2. Does anyone have any info about bud4high headshop? I have severe migraines and nausea but I work in the middle east. I vape when I’m home and it definitely helps the nausea but I’m looking for a legit site that would be able to mail me the cartridges. Any feedback would be appreciated

  3. I buy my bud at they are a good website been using them for months now! You pay by bitcoin or moneypak. They ship worldwide with free shipping

  4. Do not buy marijuana on line. At least 99% of these sites are scams. Do not buy from Maryjane Cures. They will take your money then tell you they are having difficulties shipping. Then they stop answering emails and you will never hear from them again.????

  5. Bought from weed me good, spent 280.00. Never got anything, no response through email, no transaction or anything. They are a rip off!

  6. Marijuana Skies Dispensary is a scam.

    Stay away,
    Donot send them money unless you enjoy trading cash for nothing.


  7. What about I have tracking #. But now rep wants $400for unneeded ormd . I can’t get a reply from them no matter how many emails . Rep when trying to take money out of paypal and caused limitations on account . So couldn’t use it . Used Western Union ,stupid mistake . It shows order paid for by direct bank transfer . Company won’t respond por give a #to talk to them . Randy Beeman

  8. You all are gonna keep getting ripped unless you realized that there is no cannabis delivery shop online neither is there a shopping website online with 100% guarantee.
    Only a local dealer can get you cannabis delivered and its hard to find one online because the police are equally online looking for weed dealers selling on Instagram, Facebook, twitter etc. If interested in obtaining the contact of a local dealer in your area message me on the Wickr messenger app.

    My Wickr ID : Kizzy989 ????.

  9. Be aware, one many websites, they recommend Greenie ( [email protected]) if you’re in venice, italy . THIS IS A SCAMMMMMMMMMM! DO NOT TRUST THIS GUY. After sending him an email he’s gonna give you his number to contact him on whatsapp. The guy on whatsapp is gonna sound really nice so you trust him. BUT AGAINN DO NOT TRUST HIM. He is gonna tell you that you are going to get your stuff an hour after sending the money. The guy is gonna keep on sounding super nice, replying to you and assuring you that you’re gonna receive your stuff. It is his technique so you don’t cancel the transfer before he gets the money. After he receives the money, he’ s gonna assure you again that the stuff are gonna be delivered. AND TRUST ME, YOU WON’T GET ANYTHING. BE CAREFULL, THESE COMMENTS ARE ALL FAKE, IT IS A SCAM! IT IS A BIG SCAM!! He steal people’s MONEY.
    LOST A 100 euro.

  10. I attempted to purchase from Cannabis Delivery Dispensary USA in NYC. This person has a website and everything and after speaking on the phone, visiting the website, I paid for an ounce. The man then told me I would have to show my medical marijuana card or buy a full pound for delivery. Recreational marijuana is legal here so when I questioned that and told him he didn’t say that nor does the website, he claims I’ll get a refund via a post card?? Posted a review and got a text saying I won’t be getting my refund. Yeah well I wasn’t going to get it in the first place. That’s $200 down the drain.

  11. Yes it is true that some people fools people in the name of online weed delivery service name but some online weed delivery services are so good they are also provide you the highest quality same day delivery weed at affordable prices.

  12. Don’t ever buy from Complete scam. They have you pay for product and shipping, and then 2 days after you pay them, they tell you that you need to pay an additional “refundable” $200 for the shipping company to deliver it. Then when I was actually unable to electronically pay the unexpected and shady $200, (because my PayPal account was suspended for “suspicious activity” after I placed my order with them) they were rude and nasty and called me names. Their website says “online orders encouraged”. Sure, so they can scam the purchaser with unexpected sham fees.

  13. Half of these comments are promoting scam websites and other scams, while pretending to be exposing other scam websites. “Hey site A is a scam, but down worry, i use site B all the time its perfectly safe!”



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