Reasons to Use Glass Bongs and Pipes

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Smoking weed is a unique experience, especially when you buy quality cannabis and try different strains to find the one that suits you best. But those who want the most from their ganja know that smoking, as pleasant as it is, has some less desirable effects. The problem isn’t cannabis, but the substances created by combustion, which can cause irritation to the respiratory tract.

The best thing you can do in that case, without giving up your hits, is to switch to a bong or water pipe. These devices further refine the smoke, making it lighter, tastier, and less harmful to your lungs. This method of smoking weed allows you to enjoy the most benefits of it with fewer side effects.

Bongs come in different shapes and sizes, but what makes them different is the material they are made of. It matters whether this device is silicone, acrylic, or glass since each has pros and cons. Some are of lower quality and adapted to a tight budget, while some are long-lasting but come with a high price tag.

Nevertheless, glass water pipes get the best of both worlds, being both affordable and of satisfactory quality. Besides, smoking from these devices offers a variety of other benefits. Once you try it, there is every chance this bong will become a permanent member of your smoking gear.

Clean Hits

Both water pipes and bongs utilize water as a filter. It doesn’t have to be distilled water (although desirable); tap water can do the job. Its purpose is that, when the smoke passes through it, all dirt and toxins remain inside. The clean vapor comes out of the water, much lighter and healthier than the original smoke.

Besides filtering, water also cools the smoke, making hits chillier and easier on your mouth, throat, and lungs. An ice catcher for your bong can further cool and refine the smoke. The result is very clean puffs, after which you won’t cough or feel a tingling in your throat.

Another thing that makes hits from glass bongs cleaner than others is the very nature of this material. Glass is non-porous, meaning that different smells and matters can’t enter it so the composition, taste, and properties of your ganja won’t change a bit. Also, this material doesn’t emit any fumes when exposed to heat, which isn’t the case with metal, plastic, or wood.


Glass is a natural material that’s not quite known for its durability so you may think that your bong is going to shatter at any moment if you’re just a little bit careless. Luckily, things aren’t like that because special glass is used to make water pipes. It’s stronger and less porous than the one you see on glasses and figurines.

When making bongs and water pipes, this material goes through a special processing process called annealing. The manufacturers of these smoking devices make them by melting and shaping the glass at high temperatures and then cooling it slowly to free it from internal stress and thus make it less brittle. Thus, this material gets enhanced properties, and when it’s formed in a single piece, it becomes even more durable.

Also, the glass used in making smoking devices is borosilicate. It means that it has greater resistance to temperature changes. Given that you’ll heat your water pipes and bongs to fairly high temperatures and use cold water in the chambers, the regular glass would crack in the event of their “counteraction.” With borosilicate material, there’s no glass breakage or damage to your bong.

Potency and Flavor

Is there anything worse than paying for quality cannabis and not enjoying it? That can happen when you use bongs or water pipes made of materials like silicone or acrylic. Although they’re budget-friendly and can serve a purpose, they can change the taste of your hits for the worse. These materials have a high absorption power, so residues inside water pipes and bongs can spoil the flavor of your cannabis and make your smoking experience less pleasant.

As said, unlike other materials, glass doesn’t emit vapors and harmful substances during combustion or absorb them so no unwanted matters will stay in your glass bongs. That way, not only are your hits lighter and healthier, but they’re also much tastier and more potent. Since cannabinoids and terpenes aren’t water-soluble, they won’t stay in the water but instead continue their journey to your lungs. That way, you’ll enjoy the full taste and potency of your ganja every time.

Easy Cleaning

Water filtration makes people prefer bongs and water pipes over joints. Each filter retains impurities and must be regularly cleaned and changed to remain functional. That’s also the case with bongs, especially if you use them daily. All kinds of sticky stuff get inside. Change the water after each use and clean your water pipe regularly.

Bongs made of different materials require different methods of cleaning. The great thing about glass water pipes is that they’re easy to clean. They’re made of a natural, transparent material, so you can see what remains inside after you spill the water.

Great Aesthetics

Bongs have an ergonomic design to use them safely and comfortably. Their appearance is relatively simple, and most materials can be shaped into water pipes, but most of them, like silicone and acrylic, lack variety. That’s not the case with glass.

In addition to all the above benefits, this natural material can be formed into different shapes from one piece in various colors and designs, so if you appreciate the aesthetics of your smoking device, you’ll choose a glass bong. There are many models; some are handcrafted, some are custom-made, and some have special features like glowing in the dark.

Adding glass bongs to your smoking devices offers several benefits. This material provides smoother and cleaner hits, allowing for their purest taste and highest potency. Glass bongs are also durable, easy to clean, and visually appealing, providing joy to all your senses.

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