Cannabis Legalization in Canada – Here is What You Need to Know

History of Marijuana in Canada

It has been over a month since Canada legalized weed on October 17, 2018. No doubt there has been some setbacks and kinks to work out. Apparently legalizing recreational cannabis has been a huge hit for Canadians and it definitely showed. Two days after legalization dispensaries all across the provinces literally ran out of pot. […]

Canada’s New Weed Laws & the Impact on the Other Sovereign Countries

serious obstacle that stands in the way of legalizing pot in Canada

The long-awaited legalization of recreational cannabis across Canada’s ten provinces happened at midnight on this very day, October 18th, more than three and a half months after the supposed rollout of Canada’s new weed laws on Canada Day 2018. Now while many would like to speculate that the constant road-blocking of Trudeau’s legislation was the […]