DIY Dab Cartridges with Shatter Batter & the Hippie Air

The hottest trend taking the global cannabis scene by storm right now is disposable dab pens and dab cartridges. These cartridges contain liquified cannabis oil and are as discreet as it gets.  Big vape brands like Pax and JUUL have jumped on the idea, bringing out compatible pod-style dab cartridges with their new wax pen, […]

Turn Your Kief into Hash with This 5-Step Guide

turn your kief into hash

Want to learn how to turn your kief into hash with only five simple steps? The cannabis concentrate team at Greendorphin Media are here to help! When you use a herb grinder to chop up your weed, there’s generally a screen in the bottom that helps to collect dried resin glands that have fallen from […]

Disposable Dab Pen Guide: Weed Vaping 101

vapor clouds

The hottest trend to hit the cannabis market in recent years is without a doubt the emergence of THC-distillate cartridges and the disposable dab pen.  Cannabis concentrates are slowly becoming my favorite way to get high. They are fast-acting, basically mess-free, and deliver a beautifully clean high that’s awesome for spurring creativity. A disposable dab […]

How to Use a Quartz Banger: Perfect Low-Temp Dab

Quartz banger - try dabbing

Dabbing and vaping cannabis concentrate is becoming hugely popular due to the speed and discreetness associated with the art. In this post, we give you a detailed analysis on how to use a quartz banger to take a perfect low-temp dab! Cannabis extracts come in a bunch of different forms, but in essence, they’re simply […]

Legalization of Cannabis Extracts Not Happening in Canada

Canada's Cannabis Legalization

This coming month of October, Canada will finally legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Recreational cannabis will be available through more than 200 private retailers’ across the province of Alberta and be curated to around 40 state-run shops in Ontario. Meanwhile, other provinces in the country would not allow cannabis dispensaries and residents from these […]

You Might Want to Read This Before Giving CBD Oil to a Child

Giving CBD Oil to a Child

CBD has been in existence and used for medical reasons since the 1940s. But it didn’t gain press attention until the popular success story of 2013 where the CBD oil was used on a 3-year-old Colorado girl, Charlotte Figi. She suffered 300 grand mal seizures every week. Charlotte was diagnosed with Dravet syndrome at the […]

All About Marijuana Wax

Cannabis Extraction

Have you heard or used marijuana wax? It is a popular and widely- used cannabis concentrate and if you are wanting to try it, take a moment to find out more about it and how to use it. Marijuana wax or cannabis wax is another form of cannabis concentrate that was recently introduced in the […]

Cannabis Concentrates 101

cannabis concentrates

The era of grinding and rolling cannabis for smoking is long gone. Present generations are now opting to vaporize cannabis concentrates. It is more potent, safer, flavorful … behold the Cannabis concentrates! What are Cannabis Concentrates? Cannabis concentrates are the products of extraction of beneficial cannabis compounds. Through the isolation of the resin-bearing trichrome from the […]

Did You Know Vaping and Dabbing Cannabis is The New Trend

How to Use CBD to Help with Your Addictions

The conventional way of taking in Cannabis has been overshadowed by healthier new alternatives in modern days. The burning of joints, pipes and bongs, although still a practice in most Cannabis users, is not the particular norm anymore.  We live in a generation that is more concerned about health than ever before. The impact to […]