5 Unique Names for Cannabis Products

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Part of the “fun” of talking with someone else about cannabis is all of the terminology associated with these products. You can easily mix slang with scientific or technical terms without anyone raising an eyebrow. More than 1200 slang terms exist for weed, along with over 2300 individual strain names. When you visit marijuana stores […]

Why Does Cannabis Affect Us All Differently?

cannabis affects us differently

A History of Cannabis Misinformation Prior neuro-scientific campaigns against pot smoking and cannabis consumption falsely detailed how cannabis was bad for the brain. This was based on research from other drugs, and its effect on the human brain. Today, we can see the therapeutic health benefits of this supplement that not only helps with chronic […]

Vacationing in Canada? Here’s What Australians Should Know About Cannabis

Toronto skyline - vacationing in Canada

When the 14-hour flight from Sydney to Vancouver lands at the airport, the mind of an Australian tourist in Canada may, inevitably, turn to one question: “Where, in this fine country, can I buy some weed?” One year into recreational legalization, a visit to Canada may seem like a more attractive way to spend your […]

Does THC, CBD or Cannabis Affect Your Memory?

cannabis and memory

Does THC, CBD or Cannabis Have Adverse Effects on Your Memory? Lately, discussions regarding cannabis have been rampant. Seemingly, two points of view emerge from all these discussions. On the one hand, is the idea that cannabis has harmful effects on human health. Those who support its legalization sight the numerous benefits it has on […]

How to Make the Most out of Your Dry Herb

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Dry herb consumption has been prized by many for its benefits, both psychoactive and therapeutic. The raw botanical plant matter holds different compounds that activate and provide cannabis both the prominent effects it’s known for. However, your raw herbs are susceptible to the elements that may cause slight damage and reduction of its effects. If […]

Why is CBD Oil Important for a Healthy Heart?

Why is CBD Oil Important for a Healthy Heart?

Heart attack and other critical issues take a heavy toll on our lives. Due to heart-related illnesses, more than 500,000 people die every year in America alone. Medical marijuana doctors in Sacramento can help you get a medical card for the safe use of cannabis for heart conditions.   Some of the major causes of […]

Top 10: Albums to Get Baked to

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Music and cannabis go together like bread and butter. There’s just something surreal about finding a great album, sparking up a joint and letting the sweet smoke interweave with the notes of the music. Some of the greatest artists of all time have been inspired by the sacred herb including world-renowned musicians Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley […]

The Bud Affair

Ours was not loved at first sight. In fact, I was very indifferent towards you on that first introduction. Ugly stories about you have been imprinted in my mind and will not likely change or so I thought. Your popularity in the underworld and controversial status is just too much for me to handle. Not […]

The April Barnes Story – How Cannabis Helped Me Getting My Life Back

The April Barnes Story - How Cannabis Helped Me Getting My Life Back

With so much life ahead of you, getting into a car accident is the last thing you would want to be… But it happened to me, an accident that left me in a horrible pain that was paralyzing. Many nights, I would be crying hysterically for the excruciating pain in my back. And to calm […]

Pills versus Puffs: A Crash Course on Marijuana Tablets

Pills versus Puffs: A Crash Course on Marijuana Tablets

The number of ways to reap the benefits of marijuana has grown quite extensively throughout the years, for which rampant growth was aggravated through its legalization in many states across the US. Commonly, to experience the full therapeutic effects of marijuana, you can either combust the herb through a joint or bong, vaporize it, or […]