How to Look for Responsibly Sourced Cannabis in Your Area

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Did you know that legal marijuana sales in the United States are predicted to reach 23 billion dollars by the year 2025?
The fast growth of the marijuana industry combined with a patchwork of regulations can make choosing responsibly sourced cannabis a difficult task.

However, there are many ways that consumers who are interested in ethically grown marijuana can find a product that suits their needs. Here are four tips to help you find responsible, sustainable sources of cannabis in your area.

Grow Your Own

One of the most responsible ways to source cannabis is to grow your own if this practice is legal where you live. From regular old soil to hydroponics and coconut husks, there are many methods for growing cannabis. So remember to do your research before you get started.

Although the upfront costs are higher, growing your own marijuana plants can save a lot of money over time.

Choose Locally Sourced Cannabis

It can often be a mystery where those edibles on the counter or that jar of bud came from. Which makes it difficult to determine whether a product was grown and produced responsibly.

However, if you visit a cannabis dispensary that offers locally sourced products, it’s much easier to find out where the plants came from and how the product was processed and handled.

Buying cannabis from nearby is also better for the environment and supports the local economy.

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Look for the Clean Green Certification

Cannabis can’t carry certifications like the organic label because the federal government doesn’t recognize it as a legal crop, so the Clean Green Certification has stepped in to help consumers.

The Clean Green label is the closest thing to certified organic marijuana you can get. When you choose a Clean Green certified product, you can be sure that it was grown sustainably and ethically.

Know the Laws and Regulations

The rules surrounding cannabis vary by state and are changing all the time. Familiarize yourself with all your jurisdiction’s laws and regulations regarding marijuana sales. Don’t give your business to any dispensary or grower who breaks them.

For example, avoid purchasing from anyone who targets underaged consumers or those without a card in states that have medical marijuana only.

Although finding responsible sources of cannabis can be a challenge, increasing legalization and transparency from the industry are making it easier.

Growers are focusing more on sustainable practices, and new certifications are being developed to help consumers make ethical choices.

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