Almost Half of Canadian Pediatricians Didn’t Know They Could Prescribe Cannabis

Canadian Pediatricians Prescribe Cannabis

Roughly half of the Canadian pediatric doctors reported that they have encountered young patients who have used cannabis for medical reasons. Canadian Paediatric Surveillance Program or CPSP’s survey particularly found that 419 out of the 835 doctors who participated in the survey had a patient that had used either legal or unauthorized cannabis for medical […]

Closing the Cannabis Knowledge Gap

The Quiet Epidemic Fueled by Doctors While millions struggle with opiate addiction, it’s a wonder why physicians would even dare to prescribe opiates to manage a patient’s chronic pain. While there will always be a time and place for opiates, for patients suffering from chronic pain, physicians are likely doing their patients a disservice by prescribing opiates […]

Doctors Approve Cancer Patients Asking for Medical Cannabis

Doctor prescribing medical cannabis

More cancer patients are now allowed to use cannabis as more states plan to join the first thirty that have already passed their medical cannabis laws. Reports are regularly presented regarding how cannabis is effective in controlling pain and nausea, some of the symptoms of chemotherapy. But it seems that patients who would like to […]

Dr Teresa Towpik: MediHuanna Cannabis Education

Dr Teresa Towpik: MediHuanna Cannabis Education

MediHuanna & the Introduction to Medicinal Cannabis Meet the vivacious and fiery, Polish-born Dr Teresa Towpik. Aside from being a mother and a practising general practitioner, she has somehow found the time to establish an education tool for medicinal cannabis which serves the purpose of reeducating members of her profession about the medical applications of the plant. […]

Doctors and Marijuana: What Do They REALLY Think

doctors and marijuana

As medical use begins to become more common, if not quite mainstream, one of the biggest hurdles in obtaining a prescription remains the acceptance of the drug by mainstream doctors. Doctors and marijuana is a tricky topic as reform is taking place, and doctors are all reacting differently to the news of legalization. To date, […]