How To Clean A Weed Pipe

Using Cannabis for Mental Illness

Out of the various methods of smoking cannabis, marijuana pipe is considered to be the most basic. These small, handheld devices are popular among users due to their ease of use and wide availability. Pipes can be bought in many dispensaries and smoke shops as well as online. Affordable and convenient, they also come in […]

Bubbler vs Bong: How to Choose the Perfect Option for You

Bubbler vs bong

Choosing your perfect smoking apparatus is a tricky process. When you walk into a headshop, it’s so easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of papers, pipes, bongs and contraptions you have to choose from. Do you want your smoking experience to be smooth? Heavy? Do you want your apparatus to hit hard? Light? […]

What Method of Ingesting Cannabis is Right for You?

ingesting cannabis

As legalization for medical and recreational marijuana use continues to evolve in state legislatures, patients and consumers are now confronted with several distinct options when it comes to consumption. The human body is able to absorb cannabis compounds through the digestive and respiratory system, as well as most mucous membranes. Choosing an ingestion method is […]

Smoking Cannabis and Lung Health

Smoking Cannabis and Lung Health

At this day and age, it is difficult to argue with the evidence that medical cannabis can be used to treat various conditions. However, if a person is looking for a cannabis pain relief solution, they sometimes worry about the damage their lungs might acquire by smoking this substance. Cannabis vs. Cigarette Smoking Any form […]

Smoking, Vaping and All The Other Ways of Taking Cannabis

Smoking, Vaping and all the other ways of taking Cannabis

Smoking isn’t the only way to consume marijuana. Smoking is, in fact, the least effective way to ‘enjoy’ your precious herb. There are 5 other ways to apply the therapeutic effects when taking Cannabis. Depending on where you live, some might be more accessible than others, however, there is a Cannabis consumption method for everyone. […]

What is ‘Cottonmouth’ and How Can You Prevent It?


Cottonmouth, dry mouth, and pasties, are some of the common names for that small bits of mucus and spit lining the upper portion of the mouth. And as the name suggests it, it feels like a cotton stuck on the roof of your cavity. Continuous and regular smoking of Cannabis gives out that effect. If […]

9 Reasons Why Smart People are Vaping Cannabis instead of Smoking

vaping Cannabis

While we already have the science to prove smoking cannabis is less harmful than smoking tobacco as it contains less carcinogens, there is still the presence of carcinogens when you smoke cannabis. So what’s the solution? Switch to vaping Cannabis! Even though the carcinogens released from smoking cannabis are not likely to give you lung cancer, […]