Want to Start Vaping? How to Choose Your First Vape Pen

Disposable dab pens / smoke pens

Vaping can be a nice recreational activity and a good alternative to traditional smoking. When a person vapes, they use a vape pen to turn the base product of their choice into vapor. Different manufacturers offer various models of vape pens based on customer trends, accessories, or vaping needs. A simple guide can help first-timers […]

What Method of Ingesting Cannabis is Right for You?

ingesting cannabis

As legalization for medical and recreational marijuana use continues to evolve in state legislatures, patients and consumers are now confronted with several distinct options when it comes to consumption. The human body is able to absorb cannabis compounds through the digestive and respiratory system, as well as most mucous membranes. Choosing an ingestion method is […]

Why Staying Hydrated is Important When You Vape Cannabis or CBD

Why Staying Hydrated Is Important When You Vape Cannabis or CBD

Cottonmouth is one of the only negative effects cannabis has on your body, but what happens when the high wears off and your mouth is still dry? This could actually be a key signal that you need more hydration. Staying hydrated is important no matter what you’re doing, but it becomes essential when you’re vaping […]

4 Ways to Get the Best Benefits from Cannabis Use

cannabis use

Cannabis users happen to be one of the most innovative people on earth. It is only fair if some of that creative energy gets redirected back to the source of inspiration: cannabis use. Most recently, people are incorporating ways in which users will retrieve the best benefits from the magical herb. Let’s dig in. Use […]

Best Herbs to Vaporize for Lung Health

How you can benefit from Vaping Cannabis with Common Herbs

People now recognize vapes like they never did before. There has been so much advancement and growth in the field that the technology that would once freak people out, is now mainstream. Instead of doubting whether the claims of manufacturers about the experience being similar to cigarette without carrying its side effects is true or […]

9 Must Know Benefits of Vaporizing Cannabis

Benefits of Vaporizing cannabis

Vaping devices are gradually gaining popularity in the market today. More and more traditional smokers are now transitioning from smoking to vaporizing. First-hand vapers, as well as medical organizations, substantiate that vaporizing cannabis has numerous benefits. What are Vaporizers? Vaporizers are devices that are designed to heat herbs well below their combustion point to release […]

Did You Know Vaping and Dabbing Cannabis is The New Trend

How to Use CBD to Help with Your Addictions

The conventional way of taking in Cannabis has been overshadowed by healthier new alternatives in modern days. The burning of joints, pipes and bongs, although still a practice in most Cannabis users, is not the particular norm anymore.  We live in a generation that is more concerned about health than ever before. The impact to […]

What You Should Know About Vaping Cannabis and How You Can Get Started

How You can benefit from Vaping Cannabis with Common Herbs-marijuana kief

Part 1: Why vaping is better than smoking Cannabis Part 2: How to start vaping Cannabis Part 3: Picking a Vaporizer for your Cannabis Needs Haven’t heard about vaping Cannabis? Not even sure what ‘vaping’ is? Well, there is a good reason why you are in the dark and in this guide I am going […]

9 Reasons Why Smart People are Vaping Cannabis instead of Smoking

vaping Cannabis

While we already have the science to prove smoking cannabis is less harmful than smoking tobacco as it contains less carcinogens, there is still the presence of carcinogens when you smoke cannabis. So what’s the solution? Switch to vaping Cannabis! Even though the carcinogens released from smoking cannabis are not likely to give you lung cancer, […]