Want to Start Vaping? How to Choose Your First Vape Pen

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Vaping can be a nice recreational activity and a good alternative to traditional smoking. When a person vapes, they use a vape pen to turn the base product of their choice into vapor.

Different manufacturers offer various models of vape pens based on customer trends, accessories, or vaping needs. A simple guide can help first-timers on the path to choosing the right pen for their needs.

Consider Options for Vaping

Before a newcomer to the world of vaping gets a pen, it’s a good idea to stop for a moment and consider just what they want to vape.

Pens allow vapers to use either herbs or cartridges. The pens are crafted differently, so it is a crucial consideration.

Herb pens are not as popular as the cartridge ones, but they will work for anyone who enjoys burning herbs rather than oils. Vapers can also purchase pens meant for both uses if they desire.

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Consult a Reputable Shop

Once a person knows what kind of vaping they would like to do, it’s time to ask a shop owner for help in this area. One of the reasons to visit a vape shop is to get information on the quality of materials in the products a vaper might be using.

After chatting with a shop owner about the types of pens they stock, don’t be afraid to ask for test results that show the compositions.

Composition test results should be a standard for any reputable shop, and any such owner should be happy to provide them. A new vaper shouldn’t take any risks by foregoing composition results.

Check All Attachments

Many vape pens come with accessories or attachments that connect to the main body. These accessories are crafted from various base materials.

A new vaper should consider how they will be using their pen carefully.

Copper is a common material for pen attachments and very effective. However, it can produce dangerous fumes if it overheats. Stainless steel is another common element to consider.

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Understand Temperature Controls

Vape pens need to control the maximum temperatures of what a vaper is burning to ensure the best flavor. Burning too much at too high a temperature does not make for a pleasant vape.

Only a few manufacturers produce vape pens that keep the temperature down. Newcomers should know that most other models simply shock the coil inside the pen.

The world of vaping is fairly new but already complex in its own way. Not all vape pens are alike, and not all models meet the specific needs of each user.

Understanding some of the key differences here can help newcomers choose the right product for their needs the first time they shop.

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