Helen Clark, Former New Zealand Prime Minister, Joins the Global Commission on Drug Policy

Helen Clark was Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1999-2008 and then took up a post as United Nations Development Programme Administrator. She now heads the Global Commission on Drug Policy along with former President of Switzerland, Ruth Dreifuss. They have been visiting New Zealand, together with the head of the Commission’s Geneva-based Secretariat, Khalid […]

Trump Allegedly Told Friends He Wanted to Execute Drug Dealers in America

Trump's Commutation of Alice Marie Johnson

President Donald Trump privately told his associates about his desire to execute every drug dealer in the United States, according to a report by Axios. Axios’ report, which they gathered from five sources, stated that President Trump talked about the subject and said that he greatly admired the drug policy of Singapore. Currently, Singapore has […]

Crime Reduction and Public Safety Task Force No Smoking Gun for Sessions War on Cannabis

Jeff Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been open about his opposition to legal cannabis and ever since his nomination, the US and worldwide cannabis community has been forced to adopt a ‘wait and see’ approach. Legal cannabis businesses across the legal states are anxious and with a good reason. The Attorney General has been making derogatory […]

What Happens to Cannabis Seized by Police?

Have you ever wondered what happens to seized cannabis? How do police destroy confiscated cannabis and eradicated plants? Do police really smoke the marijuana they find? If any of these questions have ever crossed your mind, you are not alone. Most cannabis users and supporters ponder about these matters every once in awhile. Due to […]