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A documentary film maker, author, journalist and blogger. His Druglawed documentary series was shot in nine countries and has been shown in film festivals around the world. He plans on expanding the series into the largest-scale pot documentary of all time. You can subscribe to see all the films at

Arik Reiss, the director of the Druglawed documentaries, is a South African film maker, who works on documentaries around the world. He has a …


I did not set out to make the largest scale documentary about cannabis ever. However, with a little help from you, the reader, I’ll …


Just over a year ago I interviewed former President of Uruguay, José Mujica. At that time he was optimistic that the United Nations and …


The U.S. has thousands of them. Snoop Dogg, Woody Harrelson, Willy Nelson, Jennifer Aniston, Tommy Chong – pot smoking celebrities who are unashamed to …