NBA Pushes League to Allow Medical Marijuana

NBA for Marijuana Twenty-nine states have already started the ball rolling in the marijuana legalization movement. But the NBA teams in those states and the association, as a whole, aren’t allowed to use this therapeutic solution. Fortunately, this might be just about to change. Michele Roberts, the woman in charge of the National Basketball Players […]

US Senator Puts the Spotlight on Big Pharma for Opposing Medical Cannabis Legalization

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, a distinguished Democratic senator gave pharmaceutical companies a verbal beating for opposing and trying to derail marijuana legalization. The senator berated the companies for treating cannabis as competition for chronic pain medications. She added that it is outrageous for them to criticize marijuana as there is no overdose issue with the substance. […]

Get Involved: Medicinal Cannabis for Health Professionals

Paul Mavor - Medicinal Cannabis for Health Professionals

One of the major problems facing Australia’s current medicinal cannabis market is the minute number of health professionals that actually have any research-based knowledge of the plant and its medical applications. This issue has been clearly identified to me by a variety of different sources, including most recently Dr Teresa Towpik of MediHuanna. She informed […]

Marijuana Sales Overtake Alcohol for the First Time

Most people are aware of the huge difference in effects on our health between Cannabis and Alcohol

It has been three years since Colorado became the first US state to legalize the use of cannabis for adults. And three years was all it took for the marijuana to surpass the sales of alcoholic beverages in a city in Colorado. Once a silver-mining town, now a luxury ski resort destination, the town of Aspen reported […]

Dr Teresa Towpik: MediHuanna Cannabis Education

Dr Teresa Towpik: MediHuanna Cannabis Education

MediHuanna & the Introduction to Medicinal Cannabis Meet the vivacious and fiery, Polish-born Dr Teresa Towpik. Aside from being a mother and a practising general practitioner, she has somehow found the time to establish an education tool for medicinal cannabis which serves the purpose of reeducating members of her profession about the medical applications of the plant. […]

Teen Shot Dead for Cannabis After Buy-Bust Operation in Davao City

Teen Shot Dead for Cannabis in Davao City Philippines

A young man suspected to be a drug peddler was shot dead in Barangay 32-D District of Davao City, in the southern Philippines early Saturday morning. He was gunned down by police officers during a buy-bust operation.  The teen was later identified as John Rener De Jesus, he was only 19. Chief Inspector Ronald Lao, the police […]