Cannabis Smoking Lounges in San Francisco

San Francisco

Barbary Coast Dispensary is one of its kind in the whole of U.S. This Dispensary has a cannabis smoking lounge, an oasis in this time and age where cannabis enthusiasts are finding it significantly easier to purchase pot but more difficult looking for a legal spot where they can smoke it. It is only in […]

California Might Lower Cannabis Tax to Help Legal Marijuana Compete with Black Market

Several lawmakers from California are going to propose a bill today to decrease the taxes collected from local licensed cannabis businesses across the state. They are concerned that new cannabis ventures are going to be undermined by illegal operations that are not paying any taxes to the state. The legislators are planning the tax reduction […]

Jeff Sessions’ Memo Pushes Death Penalty for Drug Peddlers- May Include Legal Business Owners

Jeff Sessions

State licensed cannabis business owners have yet another problem to face: a new Jeff Sessions’ memo. The document by the Attorney General urges district attorneys to sentence big-time drug dealers with the death penalty. This could be dangerous as the memorandum includes legal business owners who sell marijuana or marijuana-infused merchandise. Last week, Sessions sent […]

US Congress Seeks to Extend the Protection of Medical Marijuana

Politicians Embrace Marijuana

Canada’s cannabis industry is budding and growing at an extraordinary speed since medical cannabis legalization in 2001. Health Canada, the country’s equivalent of U.S.’ Department of Health and Human Services was given the authority to oversee the production and licensing of the substance soon after the decriminalization. As of this moment, the North American country is […]

Top 10 Ways to Consume Your Weed

Top 10: Ways to Consume Your Cannabis

Hey Greendorphin fam! For this weeks ‘Top 10’ list I’ve taken it back to the basics by exploring a number of devices used to get you high. Now, if you’re a creative stoner like me, you can fashion a makeshift pipe out of everything from a carrot to a bag of starburst chews. This article, however, […]

Recreational Marijuana Might Soon Be Legal in the State of Illinois

Recreational marijuana might soon be legal in the state of Illinois

Recreational marijuana might soon be legal in the state of Illinois.  Actions are being put into order in decriminalizing the plant for recreational use following the legalization for medical use a few years ago. Earlier last year, there were over 20,000 qualified patients that were able to participate in the state’s medical marijuana program. The […]