Top 10 Ways to Consume Your Weed

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Hey Greendorphin fam!

For this weeks ‘Top 10’ list I’ve taken it back to the basics by exploring a number of devices used to get you high.

Now, if you’re a creative stoner like me, you can fashion a makeshift pipe out of everything from a carrot to a bag of starburst chews.

This article, however, takes us back to the roots of cannabis culture and explores some of the all-time great methods of cannabis consumption. So, select your weapon of choice, fire it up and let’s get started!

Top 10: Ways to Get High

10) Pipes

Top 10: Ways to Consume Your Cannabis - Pipes          Source: Herban Planet

Ahh, the old glass whirlybird. We’ve all coughed our guts up hitting one of these in the back of some random’s car at a party. My first time smoking was with an old grandpa pipe I picked up at a thrift shop, it wasn’t the most pleasant device but it got the job done.

Pipes these days are like something out of an art gallery. The twisted Venetian-style glass patterns are super cool to look at while you’re firing up a bowl, and you can fit the pipe into any pocket.

All in all a handy little smoke buddy and a quick and easy way to consume your weed!

9) Topicals

Top 10: Ways to Consume Your Cannabis - topicals
If smoking your cannabis wasn’t enough, these days you can literally lather your skin up with cannabinoid infused topical lotions that help with healing pain and give you a nice relaxing buzz.

These topicals come in the form of hand lotions, lip balms, body scrubs and even bath bombs! So if you’re living in a country with liberal cannabis laws, spice up your next bath with the inclusion of a THC bath bomb!

8) Blunts

Top 10: Ways to Consume Your Cannabis - blunts

Source: StuffStonersLike

Is there anything more gospel to the hip-hop world than a blunt and a 40 ouncer? The combo is a necessary pairing as the 40 saves your throat from the blunts tendency to cause cottonmouth or a raspy throat.

A blunt is basically weed wrapped up in a tobacco paper or leaf. Real OG’s use torn up Backwoods or Dutch Masters, but these days there’s a bunch of roller-friendly wraps or prerolled blunts for sale.

7) Vape Pen

Top 10: Ways to Consume Your Cannabis - vape pens

Disposable vape pens are changing the game by allowing you to consume your weed with total anonymity. The terpene-rich cannabis distillate comes in 0.5-gram cartridges which offer a universal battery thread for ease of use.

These distillate pens smell so terpy that it’ll just appear as if you’re using a regular e-Cigarette. Vapor pens are perfect for any concert or long movie and have an insane battery life. A must buy for legal cannabis patients!

6) Tincture

Top 10: Ways to Consume Your Cannabis - tincture

Likely to be the most effective medical deliverance method from all in this list, cannabis tinctures are liquified cannabis extracts that are delivered sublingually through the ducts underneath the tongue.

Tinctures are becoming crazy popular due to the intense high they deliver as well as the extremely short kick-in time which can be a huge issue for someone experiencing severe pain or spasticity.

If you’re looking to try one out, go slow!! With some cannabis tinctures, even the tiniest dose can have you sinking into the couch.

5) Edibles

Top 10: Ways to Consume Your Cannabis - edibles

Pot brownies, space cake, and hash cookies have been referenced to death in pop-culture, and are arguably the most common way to consume cannabis after smoking.

Baking cannabis decarboxylates the herb, which is to say it converts the THCA into high-inducing THC. Edibles these days come in so many different varieties; including soda pop, candy, pizza sauce, and even hot wings!

With edibles, a ‘bad cannabis trip’ is far more likely to occur than with smoking as you’re not aware of the dose you’ll be receiving. It’s best always to consult your budtender before starting out!

4) Bong

Top 10: Ways to Consume Your Cannabis - bongs

An adaptation of the traditional chillum or pipe, a bong is a water pipe that acts as a cooling and deliverance unit for your cannabis smoke.

While it’s not the most healthy way to consume weed, you can take huge rips that you couldn’t get off a joint or a pipe. Bongs are practical but can also be quite nasty when not maintained correctly or when used with tobacco.

I’ve fashioned bongs out of everything from a Gatorade bottle to a lidded bucket, but some bongs like this one from Porsche can cost upwards of a couple thousand dollars.

3) Dab Rig/eNail

Top 10: Ways to Consume Your Cannabis - dab rig/eNail

The newest trend to hit the weed market is basically just a more efficient way of spotting. What used to be done with hot knives is now taken care of by a heated nail, which turns small blots of cannabis concentrate into huge clouds!

Dabbing your concentrates is an awesome way to get a buzz on, and allows you to experience the full herb profile of the strain you’re smoking.

Traditionally consumed through a torch-heated glass element sticking out of a water pipe, dab culture has recently grown to include eNails and portable battery powered rigs which make consuming concentrate on the go even easier!

2) Joint/Spliff

Top 10: Ways to Consume Your Cannabis - joint/spliff

Being notably the most common way to consume your weed, joints and spliffs are the epitome of the global stoner culture.

For centuries people have been using cigarette paper to roll up cannabis joints or spliffs that are a great way to enjoy your herb in a social setting.

Spliffs are basically joints that also have added tobacco, and are the most common way to enjoy your weed or hash if you’re European. For Aussies and Americans, pure weed joints are far more common.

1) Vaporizer

Top 10: Ways to Consume Your Cannabis - vaporizer

The only medical way to consume your dried herb, vaporization is the cleanest and tastiest way to get high.

Smoking dried cannabis isn’t going to cause lasting damage due to the lack of radiation in the plant, however, smoking temporarily paralyzes the cilia, which can be very uncomfortable for patients with respiratory problems.

Vaporizers heat the herb to a perfect temperature for consumption and leave tar and other smoke carcinogens out of the mix completely. So if you’re looking for a cool new way to consume your weed, try vaping out today!

Top 10: Ways to Consume Your Cannabis

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