Australian House Calls: Cannabis Delivery Service

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After a long week in Sydney of only smelling a faint waft of cannabis in passing, I was disappointed not to have been able to enjoy any bud myself.

That’s not to say that there isn’t plenty of weed in Sydney because there is, I just did not get lucky in acquiring any.

I did, however, hit the jackpot in Melbourne, where I was introduced to a whole new concept of cannabis delivery and a thriving weed culture that’s operating on the cusp of legalization.

The liberally leaning cities of Australia, like Sydney and Melbourne, have thriving cannabis communities that are setting up the business infrastructures for legal cannabis operations, however, operating under illegal circumstances.

Once legalization does happen in Australia, I expect cities like Sydney and Melbourne to flourish in the cannabis revolution as new business and innovation start to appear that have already been in the works for years.

Majority of Australia does lean conservatively, resisting the legalization of cannabis.

However, a majority of the country does lean conservatively, resisting the legalization of cannabis. Although not legal, weed entrepreneurs have created some amazing business models, one of which I enjoyed immensely during my time in Melbourne.

A cannabis delivery service. So simple in theory that I could not believe that I hadn’t thought of it, or seen it yet in the states. An amazing group of people providing professional, kind, and efficient cannabis delivery; well done Melbourne.

One of my favorite places to make friends, who may happen to have connections in the world of weed is in tattoo shops. During my appointment in a Melbourne tattoo shop, I befriended the artist and got the hookup.

When I asked him about marijuana he said, “Oh my God. If you had said that anywhere else in Australia people would think you were crazy, but luckily you’re amongst friends.”

Proving my point, tattoo shops are almost always a safe place for weed smokers alike.

One of the other guys who worked in the shop came over and installed an app called Wickr Me on my phone. Wickr Me is an instant messaging app that deletes messages after twenty-four hours, which is perfect if you are dealing with sensitive information.

I created an account, and he typed in a long confusing screen name, adding it to my contacts. He instructed me to request a menu, informing them that “L-Dawg” had sent me.

Wickr Me is an instant messaging app that deletes messages after twenty-four hours

I honestly did not know what to expect, but it felt safe since none of my personal information was at risk even if this did not work out. I was nonetheless excited about the new connection, and I headed back to my AirBnb to await a response.

After an hour or so, I was sent a menu of six different strains, including pictures and descriptions of each kind of cannabis. My boyfriend and I eagerly read over the menu. It resembled a fast-food menu that included pictures of their food, but we were impressed, giddy even.

We selected two strains, Bubblegum, and Red Beard, agreeing to order an eighth of each. The cost was clearly stated, as it would be on any menu. It was a fair price.

After placing the order, we impatiently awaited a response. Promptly a response was sent informing me of the delivery time, total price, thanking me for my business, and instructing me to wait for a message closer to the time of delivery.

Cannabis delivery service

Thirty minutes before the set time of delivery, I received another message informing me of the make, model, and color of the car I should be watching for. At this time I also confirmed my address, something I was a bit uneasy about.

In retrospect, I’m not sure if our AirBnb host would have appreciated his address being shared with a cannabis delivery service. I would advise picking a neutral location that you can walk to if you are uneasy about giving out an address, something I should have done, but oh well.

Luckily, the car that showed up was immaculately clean with a college-aged driver who invited me to hop in to complete the transaction. There were two small manilla envelopes sitting in the cup holder, each labeled with their perspective strain.

He reconfirmed my order and the total price, which was eighty dollars; a necessary expense despite our tight travel budget. There is always money for weed.

I inspected the bud while we exchanged small talk, completed the transaction, and excitedly went back inside with my new purchase.

Red Beard & Bubblegum cannabis strains.

It didn’t take long for me to roll up two fat joints, one of each strain. We smoked the Red Beard first which was aptly named for its incredibly long, red hairs that covered the nug.

By far the hairiest weed I have ever seen.

It is a Sativa dominant strain, a slow high to hit you, but when it does, produces a really nice heady high. Overall, a very functional high.

Not satisfied by the one joint, we lit up the second. After two puffs we were knocked on our asses. We’d heard the Australian weed wasn’t that great, but apparently, that’s changed recently with a whole bunch of new boutique cannabis strains reaching the continent

Bubblegum is an Indica dominant strain that made lifting my head off the pillow seem like a Herculean task. It was the typical stoner-type high and not one I would recommend if you are trying to be a productive member of society, but it is perfect for going to bed.

After soldering through the last joint of  Bubblegum, our night was toast. Bedtime was inevitable.

Australian vacation with cannabis delivery service.

Our time in Australia was unforgettable, especially because of those two-eighths. Many silly moments and delicious meals were shared. If you are planning a trip to Australia, stay off the streets and instead search out a delivery service.

They are an extremely popular method of receiving one’s cannabis with the locals. The guys that ran this particular business were professional, clean, efficient, and most importantly, supplied amazing bud.

Have you had a similar experience traveling to a foreign country and were able to enjoy the green stuff?

Share your experience with our community.

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    Current Strain:
    Northern Lights

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  2. I will definitely recommend this dude TELEGRAM @Francbud. His stuff is great and i got pretty stoned!. Just hit him for supply. ..available 24/7 for delivery .. lots of strains

  3. What a read! If only i lived in sydney or melb! I tend to struggle gettin it were i am so if anyone knows someone with wickr thats available on the central coast of NSW i would be SO GRATEFUL for a hook up!

  4. *********
    Dispensaries are more dependable. Even though there are a few legit individuals out there,one has to be very fortunate to come across them. My experience with online buying has not been the best.. i know only one dependable marijuana delivery service and that’s Ever since i lastly succeeded in ordering from i have not been able to get my meds again cos my current location no longer permits them to ship to me as they aways shipped to me when i was living in the USA.So i have no choice but to keep enduring the torments inflicted on me by the pharmaceutical synthetic toxins

  5. Premium quality strain delivery around CBD and inner suburbs. F2F, COD.

    $340 – Oz
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    $100 – Q

    Hit me up.

    • On the hunt for stanky danky bulk in or around the northern subs. Msg me with pics and prices pleaseeeee and thank you ???? Happy to prove I’m legit ????

      // waitin4am8

      • Yoo,
        I’m working in Syd, northern beaches

        Hit me up for good stuffs
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        Meet up preferable

        Delivery service available base on locations !!
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  6. Premium quality strain delivery around Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs. F2F, COD.

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    $180 – Half Oz
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  7. Great post! Finding a safe place to talk about good ol mary jane is one of my favorite things! I cannot fathom why it isn’t legal and available everywhere. Sigh, one day I suppose.

  8. Any awesome legends around Healsville or Lilydale, n surroundings? Annd hiyas how goes? Got $25 cash. Be cheerin even for. 5 n rest for time. Happy to travel as far as I can.

    P. S did try an earlier post. Page refreshed.
    Wkr me: sssth

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