How To Get Marijuana While Traveling Abroad – Don’t Be Embarrassed To Ask

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If you are like me, then your first thought when you arrive in a new country is, “Where can I get weed?” As a regular smoker, it is terrifying not to have easy access to that good green marijuana while traveling on the road. How many moments have you been hiking a mountain in South Africa, on the beach in Australia, or even a deserted island in Indonesia and thought, “Weed would be so nice right now.”

There are many priceless travel moments that only stand to improve with the help of a little cannabis. Having traveled the world for months at a time, this is a problem I have encountered enough times to ensure that you never have to again. Acquiring cannabis in other parts of the world is often uncomfortable, awkward, and scary but the most important thing to remember is to not be embarrassed to ask a local. You may get turned down a few times, but when you find a local with a true passion for cannabis, they will be more than happy to share their country’s weed culture with you.

Find a local with a true passion for cannabis, they will be more than happy to share their country’s weed culture with you.

Generally speaking, as a foreigner, you are more susceptible to getting lower quality bud at higher prices sold to you by ganja guys who don’t actually know the product that they’re selling. In my experience, when traveling in developing countries like South Africa, Indonesia, Brazil, or Thailand for example, you will more than likely get offered ganja by a rasta-clad man in passing on the street. Do NOT buy from these men.

There are multiple reasons why this is a big mistake. The first being that you are guaranteed that it will not be good quality. Guys on the street are pushers, not growers. Their job is to sell as much “product” as possible to bring in revenue. Since they merely push “product,” they have no real knowledge of what they are selling. Often times they will brand it as Cheese, OG, or Chronic, when it is actually just seedy ditch weed. If you are not a weed connoisseur, it can be difficult to tell the difference because it’s green and smells somewhat like a weed, making it a pretty tempting offer. Trust me, it’s a big mistake.

Not a weed connoisseur? It can be difficult to tell the difference because it’s green and smells somewhat like weed, making it a pretty tempting offer.

The second reason is that you will get charged triple the price of what cannabis should actually cost in that country. As a westerner, your money will be worth way more in other countries, which puts a large target on your back for getting ripped off. Unfortunately, many people in impoverished countries see foreigners as an opportunity to make bank and will take advantage of you by charging ridiculous amounts of money because you don’t know any better.

Lastly, you should never trust the street toting rastaman because corruption is rife in underdeveloped countries, and you are especially susceptible to it if you are a westerner. In my travels, I have come across horror stories of ganja guys working in cahoots with the police to make some extra money. They will sell you some overpriced ditch weed, turn you over to their police buddy, who is willing to look the other way if the price is right. They will split the profit, leaving you without money, weed, or dignity. This is a common scheme that can ruin your trip, your opinion of a country, and your love of weed, which is perhaps the biggest crime!

Horror stories of ganja guys working in cahoots with the police to make some extra money.

You are guaranteed to have a better experience with cannabis in other countries if you rely on locals to do the legwork for you. Look for people who give off a good vibe and are easy going. Smokers tend to attract other smokers unintentionally, so if someone seems to be picking up what you’re throwing down, just ask them if they know where you could get any weed.

It may be awkward as hell at first, but the worst thing that will happen is they say, “No, I don’t smoke,” and do you really want to hang around those kinds of people anyways? More often than not, they can get you a hookup, or know a person who can get you one. It will be better quality and priced bud than anything you could acquire on your own because it’s what the locals are smoking.

The best places to find these people are generally at hostels, smoke shops, tattoo shops, or anywhere that young people tend to hang out. Chat the locals up a bit, make a reference or two to test the waters, and then just go for it. If you are lucky, you will even make a new friend because if there’s one thing that is consistent all over the world, it’s that people who smoke weed radiate good vibes and positivity. Some of my closest friends are people I have met at hostels because of cannabis. It is a great medium to bring cultures together and make lasting connections worldwide.

While finding bud in other countries can seem like an impossible task, it’s everywhere, all you have to do is ask. Stay away from the rasta-clad ganja man with a backpack. Instead, head to hostels, smoke shops, and bars to chat up some chill locals who will get you the hookup. It will truly enhance your travel experience to have some bud at your fingertips. Not only does cannabis intensify one’s appreciation for beauty in the world, it connects like-minded people from across the globe. Travel the world, light up, and spread good vibes across the world. Every international puff brings us closer to ending the stigma behind cannabis!

Have you tried getting marijuana while in a foreign land?

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Caroline Keefe

Caroline Keefe

Cannabis entered my life as a means of unwinding and unplugging from the unhealthy stress and competitiveness that plagued many of my peers. Since graduating, I have hit the road and spent months traveling the world. I am passionate about travel, global affairs, and foreign policy, especially when it relates to cannabis. My journey has reinforced my love of cannabis and my drive to see the negative stigma behind it abolished. I write for Greendorphin to share my experiences, stories, and wisdom to work towards a greener world.

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