Best Way to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

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Finally, you have made up your mind to grow pot seeds. You have bought a pack of cannabis seeds and have gathered cultivation materials. With everything you need by your side, you are all set to grow cannabis. But first, you need to do the initial step: Germinating Seeds.

What is Germination?

Germination is the initial stage of the weed growth cycle. It is the process that brings the seed out of the hibernation period, and kick starts the growth process. After all, the seeds won’t start developing roots in the bag.

The seed germination starts when it receives environmental signs allowing it to know that the surroundings are perfect to begin growth. This process is also known as ‘popping’ seeds. Thus, germination brings the cannabis seed out of the hibernation period and starts the growth process.

When a seed enters an environment with enough moisture, it grows in size and gradually breaks out of the shell. A germ or seedling forms and roots emerge from it. The roots then help the small plant to absorb nutrients from the soil. The seeds naturally grow roots facing down and stems that stretch upward, allowing the baby cannabis plant to feed on earth and light easily.

It is essential to get good cannabis seeds for germination. Only then will it grow out and become a high-quality cannabis plant. Cannabis seeds that are too green or fresh-feeling show that they are not mature enough. Whereas white, pale-green, and very dark cannabis seeds might have problems sprouting.

If you don’t want to pop your seeds yet, keep them in a cool and dark place until germination. The right tips can help you with that.

Tips to Follow Before You Begin to Germinate Your Marijuana Seeds

– If you don’t have your seeds yet, it’s never been simpler to source cheap marijuana seeds online and through your local grow shop or dispensary. Make sure you do proper research and know what you want before you pull the trigger.

– Keep your seeds in a sealed plastic bag. You can keep them in the fridge and take them out when you want to plant them. Remember, cannabis plants sprout in spring.

– Dip your cannabis seeds in a glass of water. Make sure the temperature is (20°- 25° C) for twelve hours.

– If you soak your seeds in the water for more than 24 hours, you will deprive them of oxygen. As a result, they will drown and won’t sprout. A weed seed that sinks after twelve hours is viable and is adequate for germination. If your seeds are floating after twelve hours, they won’t sprout soon.

– Next, you need a water sprayer and have to spray your germinating seeds. If you plan to use a dry napkin, don’t because it will destroy the recently sprouted tap root and kill the plant.

– It is essential to keep track of germination dates along with stages during the growth period. Just don’t forget about the germinating seed. If left out for too long and not planted, the seed might grow a long taproot but will eventually die without the right growing conditions.

Set reminders so that you remember. Follow the germination and growing process step by step for success.

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds - quality seeds

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds?

Our step-by-step guide will get you through the germination process like a breeze. You will need two plates, saucers, and moist tissue. Without further delay, let’s get into it:

First Step – The Setup

Line the first plate’s bottom with some layers of wet tissue. Then drain the access water off the plate, if any.

Seeds go on top of the tissue and give them as much space as possible. Next, place few more layers of moist tissue on the seeds, again draining the excess water.

Lastly, cover that plate with the second plate. Make sure the plate is upside down so that a clam-shell shape is made. It will make a moist and dark environment necessary for germination.

Second Step – Germination

Place the plates in (21ºC) and make sure it’s away from direct light. Keep an eye on the seeds and check every day to ensure that the tissue is not dry. If need be, spray it with water.

In a few days, all the seeds will open, and roots will come out. Cannabis seeds commonly open within 72 hours of germination. It rarely happens that the seeds take up to 10 days or two weeks to bring out the root.

As soon as the first few millimeters of the root come out, carefully transfer it to a container with coco-fiber, soil, or Rockwool.

Third Step – Potting

You need to make a hole in the container twice as deep as the seed so that the germinated cannabis seed is 2-5mm below it.

Place the root of the cannabis seed first in the hole and then cover it with a bit of quantity of the growing medium. Make sure it’s just enough to stop the light. Not too much to block the space of the seedling when it grows.

The cannabis seedlings come out between 24-72 hours once the germinated seeds are planted.

Fourth Step – The Seedling Stage

The new seedlings need to have access to bright light when they emerge. Therefore, you need to be careful in the first two weeks, as at this stage, the seedlings are delicate.

Seedlings outdoors need to be adapted to direct sunlight by putting them on a windowsill indoors. It will increase their exposure to direct sunlight. Do it for an hour or two a day.

Seedlings for indoors come out in an artificially lit environment with zero problems. If you are using HID lighting, seedlings need to be at a minimum distance of 50-80cm from the light. If you are using fluorescent light, then the seedlings can be at an average distance from the light.

Final Word

We hope that our guide has helped you figure out the right way to germinate cannabis seeds. You need to consider everything, including the lights, optimum temperatures, potting the seedlings, and finally transferring them outdoors or under the light indoors.

It’s a simple and easy process but requires a lot of patience. Remember, patience is the key to success.

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