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True OG Strain Review

True OG is a fragrant and sweet-smelling Kush strain well-known for being one of the smoothest indica hybrids available. This strain was developed on California’s sunny coast and has grown in popularity yearly. Sativa / … Read more

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Blue Cheese Strain Review

Blue Cheese strain is a traditional sweet-savory sandwich that is a winner for various reasons. Blue Cheese will remain popular among medical and recreational users due to its distinct taste and feel. Sativa / Indica … Read more

Is Mighty Still The Best Portable Vaporizer?

Is Mighty Still The Best Portable Vaporizer?

Every day, more and more smokers are switching to vaporizing thanks to the flexibility vaporizers offer. Compared to other cannabis consumption methods, small vaporizers are portable enough to be discreetly taken and used anywhere. Moreover, … Read more