To Be Blunt—How to Bring up Cannabis Use with Your Doctor

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Although many of the potential medicinal properties associated with cannabis have been known for quite some time, the recent and ongoing repeal of marijuana prohibition has given patients a newfound confidence when discussing its usage with healthcare providers.

While cannabis products show great promise in the treatment of many illnesses and conditions, attempting to self-medicate is never wise. Choosing to discuss cannabis use in a frank and forthright manner with your doctor is always the best approach to take.

Discussing Your Medical History

A patient’s medical history plays a key role in determining how to treat a condition. Medical allergies, unrelated conditions or even details about family medical history may could all be very important.

Patients who try to hide cannabis use from their physician could end up missing out on more than they might realize as a result.

Medical Marijuana Doctors

Anxiety and Depression

Cannabis can be very effective at alleviating both chronic and acute anxiety. Anxiety that is unchecked or untreated can have a very negative impact on a patient’s quality of life and could lead to more serious conditions like clinical depression.

Discussing anxiety treatment options and whether or not you would be a good candidate for cannabis use could provide you with a great deal of useful insight regarding your options.

Respiratory Issues

Smoking marijuana, or any substance for that matter, can lead to real problems for those who suffer from asthma, COPD, and other respiratory ailments.

While a respiratory condition could make smoking a very bad idea, visiting a cannabis store can turn up plenty of edible products, topicals, oils, and other methods that can make using cannabis safer and more pleasant.

Smoking with a respiratory condition can damage the lungs or lead to considerable discomfort.


Multiple Medications

Taking more than one medication is another situation that may need to be discussed. Cannabis use may interfere with other medications and vice versa.

Finding the optimal dose and ensuring that cannabis products can be taken without producing unwanted side effects or keeping other medications from working properly can be a more complicated issue than many patients realize.

Both medical and recreational marijuana use continues to be legalized in a growing number of states. Patients who may be considering using cannabis products to manage a condition or who have already been self-medicating for a while would do well to discuss their options with a doctor or other healthcare professional.

Ensuring that cannabis products are used in a safer and more effective manner is an important consideration, one that should always be taken seriously.

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