Edibles Etiquette – 5 Social Rules So Everyone Has a Good Time

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More and more states are making weed legal nowadays. This means more and more people are trying marijuana. Eating some edibles with friends can be a pleasurable experience. However, it works best when you know the edibles etiquette.

Here are 5 social rules so everyone has a good time.

Make sure everyone knows how potent the items are

It is extremely important that the people you partake with know exactly how much THC they are consuming with each item. If you make the goodies yourself, be very mindful about measurements so you can be as accurate as possible. Put up little labels next to each item to make it clear.

Give it plenty of time to kick in

We’ve all heard stories of the person who ate an edible then ate a second when they didn’t feel anything after a half hour. Next thing they know, they are dangerously high off into space. Don’t let this happen to you or anyone else at the party. Give it plenty of time before even thinking of taking a second edible.

Safety first

While recreational marijuana is safe, it’s important to remain cautious. Make sure that all children are well taken care of. You should also avoid driving while high, so be prepared to call for a rideshare. While marijuana may be legal in a number of places, that doesn’t mean you can drive while intoxicated. Do not smoke and drive.

Edibles Etiquette

Have non-edible options available

Everyone knows that weed is associated with what is scientifically known as “the munchies”. This basically means that people get super hungry. You should have plenty of snacks available that don’t have weed in them for when hunger strikes. Don’t forget some soda and juice.

Have fun

The whole point of indulging is to have fun. When the weed starts to hit, have television or music to provide entertainment. You may even decide to have a game night or complete an art project. You can also go for a hike. Whatever you do, enjoy yourself.

Edibles can turn the notch up on any casual get together. If you follow these rules, you are sure to have a good time. And one of the best parts is that you won’t have a hangover when you wake up in the morning (unless you have too much THC-infused wine).

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