Too Bitter? 5 Ways to Mask the Taste of CBD Oil for a More Enjoyable Experience

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Many individuals complain that CBD oil is just too bitter. They like the health benefits they experience from using it, but they are looking for a way to mask the taste of it.

Fortunately, there are some easy things that you can do in order to disguise the taste a bit. Here are five ways to mask the taste of CBD oil for a more enjoyable experience.


You may be able to mask the taste of your CBD oil by sucking on a square of chocolate. You can stick it in the side of your mouth right before you place the tincture under your tongue. Suck on it for a few seconds before you take your CBD oil in order to mask the taste of the oil.

Alternatively, you can buy chocolate that has CBD in it already or make your own at home with CBD oil.


If you plan on taking your CBD oil by swallowing it, take it with a spoonful of your favorite yogurt. It will easily mask the taste when it’s in your mouth. It will keep you from having to deal with an after taste as well.


Many individuals suck on a mint right before they take their CBD oil. Because mints are so strong, they can hide the taste of the oil.

Peppermint tends to work best, but you can also try out different flavors of mints to determine which one you think is best at masking the taste of your CBD oil.

On the same principle, you can brush your teeth before taking your CBD oil. The cool, minty taste of the toothpaste will mask the bitterness of the oil. Plus, you’ll give your teeth a boost.


Sweet items work really well at disguising the taste of CBD oil. Honey can be very beneficial if you just can’t stand the taste of the oil. You just need to simply place a drop or two of honey under your tongue before you take your CBD oil.

You can also mix your oil with a little bit of honey before you put it in your mouth. Also, honey has antioxidants which are said to help combat multiple health risks, including high blood pressure and cholesterol.


Most coffees have somewhat of a bitter taste that’s very strong. If you like coffee, you can use this to your advantage by taking your CBD oil while drinking your morning cup of coffee. The familiar bitterness of the black coffee can disguise the taste of the oil when taken together.

Don’t give up taking CBD oil because you find that it’s too bitter for your liking. Try one of the methods mentioned above in order to mask the taste.

By doing so, you will make taking your CBD oil a more enjoyable experience and not something that you dread doing every single day.

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